7 Tactics To Land The First Client

7 Tactics To Land The First Client
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One of the most common questions asked about business startups is how to land the first client. There are many tactics to land the first client, but some are better than others. As a startup, often a business has to operate differently than larger more established organizations.

To gain momentum with a new business, customer acquisition is a critical aspect. Successful businesses figure out ways and tactics to land the first client and continue doing so, refining the process and methods. To assist, here are 7 tactics that can help a new business get those first customers.

7 Tactics To Land The First Client

1. Press Releases are still a great tactic.
Press releases, as a way to make announcements and gain attention is one of the oldest methods and still effective today. To land the first client, a business should write many press releases, publish them, and distribute them online. There are also newspapers and business journals that will publish press releases.

2. Attend events and conferences.
To land the first client, attend industry specific events and conferences. This is a great way to network, meet potential customers, and introduce oneself. There are many industry related events for just about any market. Find them and attend them.

3. Join social networks and become active.
To land the first client, join specific social networks and become active in them. Attend the group meetings, network, mingle, hustle, and start selling. There are many local and national networking opportunities. Seek out the most relevant and affordable, sign-up and have fun.

4. Blog properly and frequently.
Many people still think that blogging is a hobby activity. This is not true at all. There is a reason why most professional company websites have a blog. Blogging drastically increases chances of being found online.

5. Develop strategic alliances.
Relationships are always important to a business. This is especially true in the beginning. To land the first client, a company startup should develop strategic alliances with other vendors and influencers that can refer business.

6. Volunteer and get involved.
Joining volunteer opportunities and offering free help can quickly increase an individual’s professional and personal network. It is also a great way to meet potential customers.

7. Give the right incentives.
In the beginning a business can afford to be more lean, which often enables the business to be more competitive with pricing. Give the right incentives to get the first client, lower prices and offer deals.

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