Advertising Tips from the Small Business Consulting Experts

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small business consultingIllumination Consulting is known for its skin care clientele, which includes some major players in the industry. However, we also cater to small businesses with limited budgets who are trying to make names for themselves. Small business consulting is exciting and challenging because it typically requires doing just as much, if not more, with less. Along those lines, here are some advertising tips that any small business owner can use.

Advertising announces a business to the world and repeatedly reminds current and prospective customers that the business is ready to serve them. Effective advertising is the result of a combination of factors including the relevancy of the message, reaching the correct audience at the right time, and reaching that audience frequently enough that most members will view the message and take the desired action.

Owners of small businesses typically have limited funds available for advertising so they must make every dollar count. Before creating an ad, determine why customers will buy the product. Surprisingly, most of the reasons are emotional but an ad should appeal to both the rational and emotional aspects of a consumer. Begin with an emotional appeal and follow this with several rational reasons to purchase the product.

Advertising is most effective when integrated into a larger marketing campaign so coordinate ads with other marketing efforts. The most successful ads are shared via social media, the press, and word-of-mouth. They become part of popular culture and people recognize the jingle or repeat the corporate tagline. Ads like these are not necessarily expensive but they are usually created with assistance from an expert, making this help worth the investment.

An ad should cause consumers to stop what they are doing, pay attention, and remain focused long enough to absorb the message. Placement is crucial for creating an impression, not an interruption, when advertising. Swapping ad space with complementary but non-competing websites is a low-cost way to make an impression with like-minded customers. Advertising on Web search results pages for related keywords captures the attention of consumers who have expressed an interest in the product.

Research shows that for an impression to be made, a target audience must encounter an ad three times within a month. For small businesses with limited advertising budgets, this may require narrowing the target audience. Advertising to the right people in the right place at the right time is the best approach and this small business consulting firm can help.


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