AVI Marvin Expands Search Engine Optimization And Paid Search Advertisement Campaigns With Illumination Consulting

AVI Marvin Expands Search Engine Optimization And Paid Search Advertisement Campaigns With Illumination Consulting

Illumination Consulting expands AVI Marvin’s online marketing campaigns to gain a larger market share online. Expanded Search Engine Optimization SEO and Paid Search Advertising campaigns have been successfully launched.

La Jolla, Ca., October 02, 2011 – Illumination Consulting (www.illuminationconsulting.com) a business consulting and professional services company based in La Jolla, Ca., has expanded their client’s AVI Marvin online marketing campaigns. AVI Marvin’s Search Engine Optimization campaigns have been significantly expanded to incorporate additional product lines, services, and industry relevant keywords.

AVI Marvin is a leading supporter of homeowners, builders, re-modelers, and architects. At AVI Marvin customers discover all the advantages of a full service window and door showroom. AVI, a Marvin Design Gallery has full-size room displays to explore and experience the quality of Marvin windows and doors, as well as home design products including millwork, specialty hardware, Integrity and Infinity replacement windows. A team of window expert’s consults customers from design through installation with exceptional customer care.

“AVI Marvin has been a client for a couple years now and we have consistently watched how their online marketing campaigns have gained them online market share, visibility, and an increase in leads. We have taken their existing SEO campaign and have reviewed all their online marketing efforts to expand their SEO campaign and incorporate most critical keywords for AVI Marvin. We have also been managing their paid search advertising campaigns. With our most recent changes, AVI Marvin’s PPC campaigns will perform with greater ROI, says Daniel Green, President of Illumination Consulting (www.illuminationconsulting.com) in La Jolla.

California-based business services and consulting firm (www.illuminationconsulting.com), provides a wide range of business services such as consulting services, marketing services, product design, and website design. Illumination Consulting brings depth and maturity to client’s projects delivering fast results and a proven structure for success. Illumination Consulting implements and manages change to keep clients organizations successful and profitable. For more information call us toll free at 877-451-2702 or visit us at (www.illuminationconsulting.com).

Illumination Consulting
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