Avoid Making Common Skin Care SEO Mistakes

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The process of optimizing a skin care website for search engines like Google is not rocket science but it does have some complexities. If the staff roster does not include an SEO professional, consider contracting with Illumination Consulting. We have skin care SEO experts on staff who will configure the website correctly the first time. There are several SEO mistakes that can cause a website to fade into oblivion and our professionals avoid all of them.

Using the wrong keywords on the site is arguably the deadliest sin. If the site does not contain the same words that search engine users are entering, it will never appear on search results lists for the target audience. Free tools like the Google AdWords Keyword Tool and Google Insights for Search provide keyword search volume and comparison, respectively. The most commonly used keywords should be included in page headings, titles, and strategically within site content.

Search engine spiders look at more than just page content. Words used in links tell search engines about the subject of a page. Using descriptive internal anchor text increases the chance that the site will appear on search results lists for the included term. Website developers have control over page linking within the site and they should always use descriptive text in those links.

If the content of the website is in Flash or an image format, search engines cannot determine its focus. A search engine reads HTML text so this should be used to create site content. Using HTML text also makes it possible for people to access the content if they have slow connections or are using screen readers or mobile devices.

If website content is not easy to share, it will not be distributed through social media networks. It also will not be optimized for search engines. Each page should have a unique URL and content should never load in pop-up boxes with no URL. Videos should have sharing links that link to the website page featuring the embedded video, not a pop-up window.

The main idea behind skin care SEO is not to merely increase the number of site visitors. The ultimate goal is to convert those visitors into customers. A call to action like store operating hours or product links to an online shopping cart should be included on the site. As a potential landing page, each Web page should contain branding, links, and calls to action.

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