Beauty Brands Focus On Online Skin Care Shoppers

Beauty Brands Focus On Online Skin Care Shoppers
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The world of electronic commerce and online shopping has long been coming for the beauty and skin care industry. The time has come for brands to have active strategies and investments into quality online infrastructures that will allow them to sell successfully skin care products online.

People are shopping online for an ever-increasing amount of products. Personal care and skin care specifically are a rapidly growing segment of the $185+ billion U.S. e-commerce industry. Some of the driving factors for the increase of online sales in the skin care industry are convenience, easy returns, wider product selections, and mostly access to a vast amount of consumer opinions and product reviews.

Considering how quickly e-commerce has spread in apparel and accessories, where touch and feel has long been considered a prerequisite, personal care will soon follow.

Who Are Today’s Online Skin Care Shoppers?

Studies reveal that there are three main reasons why skin care shoppers end up on an e-commerce website and buy a product.

1. Products and Symptom Research

Many people these days go online to research symptoms and products. This is especially true for skin care and beauty products. With the vast amount of information on skin care such as technology, ingredients, and reviews, people mostly go online for research. There is just not a better and faster method to research products. Brands that have website with quality and informative content benefit from this, especially if they have e-commerce websites.

2. Technology Lifestyle

In today’s digital world, people are less to pick-up a magazine than an iPad to look at news, ads, or research a product. Our culture has drastically changed with technology. Customer’s lifestyle is increasingly being converted online. It just makes sense that with iPhones, iPads, and laptops, skin care brands advertising and marketing efforts are in alignment. Brands that want the exposure must have a strong online presence.

3. Habits

Most skin care consumers are creatures of habit when it comes to personal skin care. People tend to stay with products they like and products that work. Skin care consumers that have found a product they like, re-order online frequently. Many orders online are re-orders. Skin care brands that have gained a customer, but do not offer the convenience of online shopping, risk to loose customers. Beauty consumers will increasingly go online to do their product shopping.

Skin care brands that wish to increase their online visibility can consider hiring professionals to provide marketing services for the skin care industry. Marketing skin care products successfully can drastically increase product sales.

Brands that do not know where to start, can always hire professionals to help with important steps. Skin care business consulting services are available to investors, brands, and entrepreneurs who wish to increase

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