Before and after examples of website redesigns and development improvements with pictures. Redesigns of websites, can drastically improve the performance of a business online. Especially these days, most organizations who convert to HTML5, responsive design websites benefit immediately from the changes. These websites are fully functional and visible across multiple devices such as computers, smart phones, and tablets.

In today’s digital world, we are already accessing the Internet with our mobile devices at 60%. This trend is going to just continue until computers are nonexistent. Responsive websites come with such an amount of benefits that it is difficult to compete against them with any older form of website and application technology. New design methods help create much cleaner, user-friendly, and modern website designs. Before and after pictures below are a great illustration of website improvements.

Before And After Pictures of Website and Logo Redesigns

Flooring Empire Website

flooring empire before after Before and After


before after vital3derm Before and After

Flooring Empire

before after flooring empire Before and After

Specialty Products

spi Before and After

DSP Skincare

dsp website before after Before and After


vivoderm Before and After

Baru Tours

baru website Before and After


honeymark Before and After

Juniper Clare

juniper clare before after Before and After

Casino Unreal

casino unreal before after Before and After

Illumination Consulting

Illumination Consulting Before and After

Gaia Earth Star

gaiaearthstar before after Before and After


kejiwa before after Before and After

ASEG, Inc.

aseg before after Before and After