Begin Ramping Up Skin Care Marketing Budgets for Social Media

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budgetsSkin care marketers should focus on increasing their social media advertising budgets in coming years because this medium of skin care marketing is here to stay. According to a recent Digiday study, U.S. advertisers have earmarked $4.1 billion for social media advertising in 2013. This figure is larger than ever before and the majority of advertisers plan to increase spending even more this year.

Many companies saw the writing on the wall years ago, purchasing Twitter and Facebook advertising space at that time. However, even they are expanding their budgets, with only two percent of surveyed advertisers planning to spend less on social media advertising than they did last year. Entrepreneurs in the skin care sector should plan to increase their social media marketing budgets so they do not lose market share to the competition

Though advertising on social media platforms has not reached the level of marketing in other mediums or even online, it is increasing at a fast pace. Social media ads currently represent approximately ten percent of online advertising budgets. By 2014, a one billion dollar increase in social media advertising is expected, says Emarketer. Facebook and Twitter users may soon be presented with more ads when they log into their accounts.

Businesses typically use social media advertising for unique purposes. According to Emarketer, 45 percent use it to increase awareness of their companies. Just 16 percent advertise through social media to drive traffic to their websites or encourage customers to sample their products. Skin care companies have opportunities to use social media for these purposes and many more. Marketers who lack experience with social media advertising should contact one of the social media professionals at Illumination Consulting for assistance.

When advertising on social media platforms, engagement should be the primary goal. After all, social media is about connecting with others and creating deep and meaningful relationships that develop loyalty. Marketers should focus on how target audiences engage with corporate social media ads not how these ads affect sales. Establishing goals in Google Analytics makes it easier to identify the impact of social media marketing.

Social media consultants have plenty of other tips for skin care entrepreneurs including how to use Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube more effectively for skin care marketing purposes. Businesses should focus on expanding their social media presence in upcoming years because consumers are spending substantial time on social media platforms. This new approach to advertising has already proven to be very effective for many companies.

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