The Benefits And Advantages Of Quality Website Design For Authors And Book Sales

The Benefits And Advantages Of Quality Website Design For Authors And Book Sales
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To promote a book and the sale of books, writers would in the past solely rely on their publisher. Publishers would promote, market, and drive sales for the authors they represented. Authors themselves had very few opportunities to gain more control of their career. This has changed with the Internet and websites drastically. There are many benefits and advantages of quality website design for authors and book sales.

The day’s authors dependent solely on publishers are long gone. Writers and authors are much more involved with business aspects of their careers. This is not true for all writers, but for the majority of professionals within the writing industry. An intelligent architect-ed and quality website can bring a vast amount of benefits to unpublished and published authors.

To drive sales for a book, market it, and promote it, there isn’t a better tool than a personal author’s website. It gives simply the author the most control over their writing career. When people search online for books or the author specifically, finding and reading the authors website would give them the most accurate information. What other benefits can authors gain from a website?

Benefits and Advantages of Quality Website Design For Authors

Most people buy their books these days online from websites such as Barnes & Noble or Amazon. Many authors who have their own website, get visits from fans and potential readers first, prior to them either buying the book right there or on other websites such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Regardless of where the book is being purchased, quality websites have many benefits for authors.

Higher Profit Margins With Author Websites

One of the benefits of authors having their own website, is the ability to sell directly to fans books. This can increase profits for the authors. Selling a book through the authors website, yields the writer the largest profit margin. This can be a profitable investment for authors. Selling books through other channels decreases the profit share. Published authors can purchase their books from the publisher and when self published and sell them online, through their own website with higher profits.

Promoting new Projects with Author Websites

With an author website, writers can have a dedicated website designed specifically to promote all future works. Authors can advertise their upcoming new book or project easily with their own website to their fans. Collect email addresses of people who want to be notified when the book becomes available. Authors could also have on their own website pre-orders, by selling copies of their next book before it’s even published.

Author Websites Help with Agents, Publishers, and Media

For writers who still wish to be picked up by one of the major publishers or by a specific publishing firm, a quality custom website is a key tool. In some cases having an author website can give a writer a larger advantage within the industry. Agents, publishers and the media may be far more inclined to reach out and contact the writer. Authors can look more established, motivated, and successful with a website.

Advertise Events and Speaking Engagements with Author Websites

Author websites can be one of the most effective ways for promoting events, speaking engagements, and other life appearances by the author such as seminars or workshops. Writers that give lectures frequently can benefit drastically from their own website. This is especially true for writers and authors that teach classes or offer coaching on a particular subject matter. An author website can be a great tool for promoting not just the writing, the author, but also services related.

Author Websites Help Advertising and Marketing Efforts

Author websites are great for integrating marketing and advertising campaigns. Efforts made to advertise and market books, the author, and any other related projects can be much more effective with an author’s website as a cornerstone. Search Engine Optimization campaigns (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content Marketing campaigns, and other forms can yield better results with author websites. Social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other channels can be integrated into an authors website. Fans and potential readers can quickly learn more about the books, writer, and upcoming projects. Search engines can associate the author’s website with the writer, instead of showing foreign website in search results for the writer.

There are many more benefits for writers to have their own website for their career as an author. Author websites are just as important for established writers as authors who still seek representation and growth with readers. Regardless of writing niche and success, websites in today’s digital world are a key tool for a writer’s career.

Writers and authors, who want a professional website can through consulting services learn more about their options. This enables authors to gain clarity prior to making any investments.  Consultants are a great method to learn more about a subject prior to making significant decisions.

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