Benefits Of Using Landing Pages To Increase Sales

Benefits Of Using Landing Pages To Increase Sales
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In order for a company to have an effective, profitable, inbound marketing campaign, you have to have traffic. A business must be able to get people to visit their website or page the business is directing customers to.

There are many companies that keep spending money on gaining more traffic to their website, but throw away vast amount of potential business and opportunity with existing traffic. Often, a business ignores the most critical part of online marketing, conversion.

Landing pages are a great way to improve the conversion of website traffic. What is a landing page though? A landing page is a page created with a specific purpose that traffic is sent toward, to prompt a certain action or result.

Landing pages are used to promote a specific offer. Landing pages have specific URLs and are used to prompt page visitors to submit their name and/or email address in exchange for a download, free consultation, or some type of giveaway. To learn about some more reasons to use landing pages, here are some more benefits of using landing pages to increase sales.

Benefits Of Using Landing Pages To Increase Sales

– By directing them to a specific page with an offer and the appropriate form to fill out, it makes it more likely that they will complete the form and convert to a lead.

– If your visitors decide to download your offer, why not invite them to share your content?

– Lead nurturing is a very important part of the process. 50% of those who respond aren’t ready to buy just yet.

– The first company that responds wins 78% of sales that start with a web inquiry.

– More landing pages leads to more qualified leads.

– More qualified leads lead to more conversion opportunities.

– More landing pages enhance the SEO of your website increasing the possibilities that your website will be found and visited.

– Landing page leads are naturally segmented into different types of visitors so you can continue to tailor your ongoing messages to where they are in the buying process and thereby increasing your chances of creating a sale.

Landing pages serve as your automated lead generation engine on your website. In most cases, the purpose of landing pages is to capture visitor information – an email address or other lead generating information – for future follow-up.

For best results, a business should work with professionals to get proper landing pages designed and developed. Results oriented landing pages can make a significant difference for most companies. A business can get a free consultation to learn more about landing page opportunities or get help through consulting services. Consultants can quickly go over all the details and elaborate on specifics prior to making any significant investments.

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