Black Friday Marketing And Deal Websites

Black Friday Marketing And Deal Websites
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Black Friday is the largest retail-shopping day of the year in the United States. The term originated out of Philadelphia in the early 1960s to describe the large crowds and traffic that happened to be out the day after Thanksgiving. This resulted in an increase in business, putting most stores’ finances “in the black.” Today across the United States, Black Friday shoppers line up at the stores, waiting as a crowd for the doors to open. These shoppers camp out, sometimes days in advance to get their discounts and items.

The Black Friday online retail revenues are growing at an incredible rate year after year. In 2012, the growth was significant: $1.047 billion was raked in on Black Friday. Online sales grew 32% from the previous year, while in-store retail sales only saw a 2% increase. Convenience is certainly one of the reasons online shopping is increasing so rapidly. Consumers and customers want the special offers and deals, but they don’t want to deal with the long lines and commuting around town. Brands are answering this demand online and are reaping the rewards. Smaller businesses can also capitalize on this retail spike in sales, if they deploy properly Black Friday marketing campaigns.

Black Friday Marketing

Consumers associate Black Friday with getting a deal. This is what brands understand about Black Friday and online marketing is aligned with this. The Around the holidays, discounts and special deals become very important because the average consumer is looking for a way to buy multiple gifts. The average consumer is looking for any opportunity to save some money. When Black Friday comes around, most consumers expect to receive some discount. Many small startups don’t have the buying power to lower their pricing structure to attract consumers. This does not mean that they cannot offer incentives to consumers and their customers. Free shipping can be offered, bundled and packed product deals, and other specials.

Black Friday Deal Websites

Marketing for the Thanksgiving weekend is very unique because you’re focusing so much on one specific weekend. It is all about focusing on this short time-frame, so you must act quickly to funnel momentum and create excitement. On top of that, timing will play an even more critical role. Online consumers can jump from business to business in seconds, and deal websites or search engines like Google Shopping giving consumers the ability to compare deals side by side. In other words, consumers can quickly and easily find and zero in on the best deals online. Pushing seasonal deals out onto deal-focused websites, Black-Friday-focused websites will drive additional traffic and sales.

Black Friday Deal Websites

Brads Black Friday Deals

Deal and Coupon Websites


Retailers and online companies can always hire professional help temporary to assist with the key sales holidays such as Black Friday. Marketing consulting services are great for do it yourselves brands, while other marketing services are more turn-key for the retailers. Marketing consulting services are a great way to get the details prior to making any substantial investments. Marketing campaigns get things started and managed for best results by experts.

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