DSP Skin Care

Situation: At Doctor’s Skin Prescription (DSP), doctors are dedicated to bringing the best that skin care science has to offer. A strategy and plan to introduce a new product line and sell products was needed. DSP brand required a website design, e-commerce applications, and technology consultation.

Solution: DSP brand launched a new responsive design, Magento powered e-commerce website for the skin care industry. HTML5 website is the latest in responsive technology for the skin care industry and selling products online. A fully search engine optimized website for the beauty industry. Conversion tools have been integrated into the architecture of the website.

Results: New modern beauty website design has gotten excellent recognition in New York and United States. The brand’s website is state of the art and industry leading in design. Company’s brand has been successfully positioned online to succeed with a search engine optimized and marketed HTML5 website.

DSP Skincare Case Study

Tilth Beauty

Situation: Investors of Tilth Beauty had a list of products the planned to develop, but needed a brand name, company, website, e-commerce and many other essentials required to market and sell skin care products, online and through retail stores.

Solution: Consulting services helped investors decide upon a brand name, logo was designed, and new website developed. New website had Magento e-commerce integrated for selling skin care products online and marketing them. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media campaigns were launched and managed. Skin care videos were developed and used for online marketing campaigns.

Results: Tilth Beauty within the first year established itself as a market leader in the beauty industry. With multiple rankings in the top of search engines such as Google, Magazine ads, and published articles, the brand is well positioned to succeed. Several talk shows have already featured the brand and products along industry experts.

Tilth Beauty Case Study

Biorenew Skincare

Situation: University Compounding Pharmacy a national leader in the United States wanted to start a new cosmeceutical skin care brand and product line. Goal was to convert their understanding of skin into a skin care product line.  The work resulted in the new personal care brand BioRenew Skincare.

Solution: BioRenew Skincare received consulting services, research, competitor analysis, and e-commerce consultation. Custom Magento e-commerce website, product design and packaging services to further aid. Search engine optimization for e-commerce website, image editing, and technology support to assist with sales.

Results: BioRenw Skincare was formed in 6 months with the of professional consultants and team. BioRenew Skincare celebrates the success with having outperformed their original goals. The skin care brand Biorenew, has passed many of their sales and marketing milesontes and goals.

Biorenew Skincare Case Study


Situation: SPI a global manufacturer with a long lasting reputation for quality products and services in the polyurea industry with many vendors across several countries. Executives wanted a new improved way to communicate with their clients and vendors and strong online marketing campaigns.

Solution: A new CMS website with a fresh modern new look and brand image for the company was created. The site has added functionality with easier administration use, improved navigation for customers, and search engine optimization marketing services for growth and visibility in search engines.

Results: SPI has launched their new custom website and received great reviews by their vendors and clients. The new modern website displays improved communication and internal efficiency. Furthermore, SPI has top rankings in Google for their main keywords, products, and services.

Specialty Products Case Study

Vivoderm Laboratories

Situation: Vivoderm, a skin care brand wanted a newer image and website design. An upgrade in technology applications, company blog ability, and product e-commerce sales was the goal. The brand relied on experienced professionals to meet their goals successfully.

Solution: Services for new logo, website, e-commerce solution, advertising campaigns, online marketing (SEO, paid search advertising), PR, product design & development, skin care business consulting, and international distribution consulting provided.

Results: Vivoderm has been in operation less then 2 years and has already caught the attention of industry veterans such as Paul Mitchell and other industry leaders. Vivoderm is ranked in the top 10 of Google for many of their main keywords and products, has an extensive PR network, and distribution.

Vivoderm Case Study

Honeymark International

Situation: Honeymark a vision by the investor to create an entire product line with the main active ingredient being Manuka Honey needed assistance in several areas such as e-commerce, website design, online marketing, and product design to establish the brand, sales, and market share.

Solution: Logo design, custom website, e-commerce, public relations, paid advertising, product design, industry consulting, social media and search engine optimization services.

Results: Honeymark has now over 10 successfully selling products from it’s original idea and start of 4. The brand is well established and recognized for Manuka Honey and a leader in the industry. Several products are ranked in the top of major search engines such as Google. Brand also has established national distribution channels with retailers.

Honeymark Case Study