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The Challenge

Based out of New York, DSP owners desired to launch skin care treatments based on derma-logical and surgical medical experience. Doctor formulated skin care products to prep, treat, and protect skin.

DSP needed their own private server environment to setup all websites and communication as well as streamline it. The new skin care company had to find the right technology partner to consult with and find the right vendors and solutions.

New e-commerce website was required and the proper design to meet brand’s vision objectives. Domain name was chosen for the brand. After website launch, technical assistance and support is required to scale and maintain online sales.

DSP business relies on experienced professionals, who can assist them with online operations.

The Solution

Online Business Consulting: DSP got consulting services to understand their requirements better and implement the right technology applications to meet their goals. Server options were review and through assistance setup & configured. Website technology options were reviewed and assistance was given to create the architecture of the website and foundation of it.

Website Design & Development: To assure the best possible opportunity to sell skin care products online, DSP relied on Illumination Consulting’s team to pick the right domain name for the brand, custom design & develop a clean, modern, and feature rich e-commerce website. The website was developed with a 3 tier software application database. Magento, CMS MS, and WordPress power the DSP website seamlessly.

Marketing Services: Search engine optimization services to optimize the website and specific product pages. Social media components implemented strategically throughout the website to support marketing efforts. Website is developed with HTML5, responsive design technology to enable DSP’s website to work across multiple devices such as tablets, mobile and computers. WordPress blog platform for content marketing, and separate press release and company article databases.

The Benefit

DSP has accomplished launching a new brand, their product line, and cutting edge technology website with beautiful clean design and Magento e-commerce storefront. Several online marketing and public relations tools were integrated into the new HTML5 website. DSP has the ability now to be visible across smart phones, tablets, and computers. Magento feature rich e-commerce solution adds product promotions, coupons, and added sales benefits. Optimized website and storefront pages, rank quickly in the top of search engine pages for brand keyword phrases. Professional brand blog with WordPress engine to publish quickly and market content.

The Results

DSPskincare.com was launched with success. Doctor’s Skin Prescription (DSP) launched successfully a new website with leading responsive design e-commerce technology. All DSP products are for sale now via a very user-friendly storefront online. Promotions and specials are offered online through the website. Magento software application was customized to optimize product pages and shopping experience. Content marketing campaigns produced several articles promoting the new brand and products.

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