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The Challenge

Based out of Monroe, Connecticut, Vargas Cosmetics had set a goal to launch a brand new skin care product line and brand. CEO, Tony Vargas has a long successful history formulating skin treatment products with high quality ingredients and known brands.

A new logo was needed, product packaging and design to match the formulating products. Assistance with product naming and packaging was required. Then, a custom website to sell through e-commerce and gain market share online.

Tilth Beauty brand needed to be created, established, and marketed online. Search engine optimization, social media, and content marketing campaigns were deployed and managed.

Public relations services and blog marketing efforts had to be started and managed.

The Solution

Marketing Consulting: Tilth Beauty got advice and consultation by experienced skin care business professionals, who specialize in marketing. Beauty marketing options were reviewed, selected, and prepared to deploy with the guidance of professionals.

Business Start-up Consulting: A new brand and company, Tilth Beauty relied on professional help to structure the business more and add essential elements such as live phone order services, fulfillment centers, and technology setup assistance.

Online Business Consulting: Brand was advised on Internet technologies, configured setups, and managed software application customization and deployment for the skin care brand. Online strategies were introduced and implemented for Tilth Beauty.

Product Design: Tilth Beauty skin care products were designed and the packaging developed with professional help. Experienced target market oriented designers created the primary and secondary packaging including all required details for retail sales.

Website Design & Development: A new e-commerce website was designed and developed with conversion tools integrated for product sales. Leading commerce software Magento was customized and combined with the best blogging platform WordPress. A third CMS system was added for full featured control to create a triple seamless database website.

Marketing Services: Several online marketing campaigns and strategies were created based on the brands product line and goals. Search engine optimization campaigns, paid advertising, content marketing, and social media to introduce a new skin care company to the beauty industry, customers, and fans.

The Benefit

Tilth Beauty was created from working one on one with the CEO, providing all required assistance to get through all necessary steps. Professional help let the founder focus on product formulation, while an entire team managed branding, design, development, and marketing for the beauty brand. Experienced assistance allowed Tilth Beauty to grow very quickly in the first year. Avoiding most pitfalls is critical benefit when working with knowledgable consultants, resulting in cost and time savings.

The Results

The quality ingredients and strategically designed and formulated skin care products by Tilth Beauty, have established quickly as a new up and coming beauty brand. Within the first year, Tilth Beauty launched a fully operational e-commerce website. A rich featured Magento website for skin care product sales. Several fully managed online marketing campaigns such as SEO, social media, paid advertising, and content marketing. Drastic increase in online market visibility and search engine saturation. Several beauty magazine opportunities captured and brand content published.

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