The Challenge

Based out of Long Island, New York, Honeymark International wants to successfully built a reputation for developing some of the world’s most quality driven products with Manuka Honey as an active ingredient.

Honeymark needed to formulate several products, design packaging, create the marketing strategy and campaigns to start selling products.

With their dedication to quality products, the Honeymark team was looking to grow their product line by introducing several new Manuka honey type products for skin care, medical applications, and consumer foods.

How to get started efficiently with all of the requirements was the premier challenge for Honeymark. Meeting all the requirements to not be held back in the phases of development, design, marketing, and sales can be challenging for a company.

The Solution

Skin Care Business Consulting: Skin care business consulting services were provided to gain a more long-term strategy for Honeymark. Services provided Honeymark with industry knowledge enabling them to creatively re-package products, bundle them, and offer better quality to their customers. Also, new products were introduced by Honeymark during this phase.

Internet Business Consulting: Honeymark executives were consulted on the importance of ecommerce and Internet operations for the skin care industry, Honeymark’s ecommerce solution, product sales, and ultimatly profits. We consulted Honeymark on Internet technologies, industry demands and expectations. We guided and assisted our client through the myriad of details and decisions to ensure success.

Business Start-up Consulting: Start-up consulting services provided Honeymark with the proper guidance and assistance to setup operations, business, and make the right decisions to ensure a successful start. A foundation was put into place that gave Honeymark a scalable business platform.

Website Design & Development: To ensure Honeymark’s online success we developed a brand new website for Honeymark with leading technology applications and with all the elements for high sales conversion, repeat business, and Content Management System (CMS). A state-of-the art website developed, giving Honeymark control and tools to manage several aspects of their skin care business.

Search Engine Optimization: We implemented and manage  a very robust search engine optimization campaign centered around the most important keywords and keyword phrases for Honeymark. Keywords for the SEO campaign focused on the main ingredients, products, and the company itself.

Conversion Optimization: Honeymark worked with our staff at Illumination to enhance the customer experience online, but also to increase sales conversions and multiple product sales as well as cross-sales. We worked with our client, consulted them and successfully implemented the necessary changes to increase sales and customer experience.

Social Media Marketing: We devised a strategy to effectively implement a strong social media marketing campaign utilizing most popular social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter.  Social media pages were populated with relevant content, optimized, managed and marketed to aid brand’s objectives.

Content Marketing: To further promote Honeymark’s products and brand, multiple developed and launched several content management system (CMS) driven blogs with keyword rich domains and search engine optimization (SEO) for specific keywords. This enables Honeymark to occupy multiple positions in search engines for their market.

The Benefit

The Honeymark marketing campaign was truly a success. As a result of the diverse approach of the marketing campaign utilizing social media, blogs, new website, and SEO, the Honeymark website received a tremendous amount of organic links from other websites and traffic. This not only benefited their search engine optimization campaign and rankings, but it also increased referring site traffic as well. In addition, Honeymark is now utilizing their heavily visited blogs and social media accounts to educate consumers and bring additional awareness to the brand. With multiple positions for multiple keywords, Honeymark is well ranked in the top 10 of Google occupying multiple spots due to blogs, social media, and their new ecommerce website.

The Results

The campaign benefited Honeymark International by a multitude of factors most noticeable in the amount of orders they are receiving these days compared to average orders and monthly sales prior to our marketing campaigns. Their social communities, blog followers and target market responded amazingly well to the campaigns, new website, and product promotions. The visitor numbers, shoppers, and profits are continuously growing for Honeymark International.

The marketing campaign resulted in Honeymark gaining several thousand additional visitors each month, converting more visitors into shoppers through the enhanced website, occupying multiple top 10 positions in Google for the same keywords resulting in at times a 30% increase in market share. Overall, Honeymark International has arrived as the leading Manuka Honey skin care and medical products company leading their market with quality products and integrity.

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