The Challenge

Based out of Lakewood, Washington, Specialty Products has successfully built a long lasting reputation in multiple countries around the world for developing and offering some of the world’s most quality driven Polyurea products, equipment, and services within the Polyurea industry.

The Specialty Products team was looking to grow their brand awareness online, increase sales, and strengthen their search engine rankings.

Company had to upgrade and update their website as well, with additional conversion features and administration tools for management.

SPI largest challenge was to migrate to a new website, with the addition of much needed conversion optimization tools and Content Management System (CMS), allowing management to control more aspects of the website.


The Solution

Internet Business Consulting: SPI was provided Internet business consulting services assisting them to gain a much better understanding in crafting the right internet marketing and website design strategy.

Conversion Optimization: SPI wanted to increase the number of leads they were receiving. We provided consulting services and re-engineered with SPI their offering, promotions, and website to successfully increase lead conversion and user experience.

Search Engine Optimization: We implemented and manage  a very robust search engine optimization campaign centered around the most important keywords and keyword phrases for SPI. Keywords for the SEO campaign focused on the main Polyurea industry, products, services, and the company SPI itself. Client is provided a bi-monthly report illustrating the movement of rankings for all keywords used in the SEO campaign.

Social Media Marketing: We devised a strategy to effectively implement a strong social media marketing campaign utilizing the top 10 social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.  Social media pages were optimized, managed and populated with SPI’s product line, offers, and promotions.

Content Marketing: To further promote SPI’s products and brand, we developed and launched several content management system (CMS) driven blogs with keyword rich domains and search engine optimization (SEO) for specific keywords within the Polyurea industry.

Website Design & Development: To ensure SPI’s online success we developed a brand new website for the Polyurea industry and SPI with all the elements and technology necessary for high sales conversion, quality design, leading technology, and fully CMS driven website giving SPI control and tools to manage several aspects of their online presence and success.

The Benefit

The Specialty Products was truly a success on every level. Consulting services enabled the company to gain a much better understanding of necessary changes and the management of them. As a result of the diverse approach, SPI’s new website is the industry leading website for the Polyurea industry. The new site benefits SPI by being a much more accurate representation of their vision, services, products, and company. New website and company has an extensive search engine optimization campaign ranking SPI in search engines. New conversion optimization tools are effectively improving and increasing company’s sales.

The Results

Specialty Products has launched a state-of-the art custom multiple database driven website. The website perfectly represents SPI’s vision, product line, services, and brand within the polyurea industry. Consulting services and conversion optimization resulted in a drastic increase in business and profits. Polyurea oriented new website has received great reviews from customers, vendors, and executives.

The extensive polyurea marketing campaigns deployed on behalf of Specialty Products has resulted in a fast improvement of SPI’s online presence and market share. The continued management by Illumination Consulting is ensuring SPI’s online success in leading the Polyurea industry.

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