How To Create Effective E-commerce Home Pages

How To Create Effective E-commerce Home Pages
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Most entrepreneurs and companies who operate e-commerce websites look to optimize their conversion and increase sales online. There is a multitude of items that need to be considered to increase e-commerce sales, but non-are as important as the main landing page, the home page. Effective e-commerce home pages can quickly improve online conversion and sales.

The home page is one of the most important pages for companies and entrepreneurs, who operate e-commerce websites. It tends to be the most visited page by website traffic and indexed by search engines. A poorly architect-ed home page can be devastating to the conversion and e-commerce sales of a business.

How does a company and brand create effective home pages for e-commerce websites and successfully generate online sales? Of course, a business must market, advertise, and use other methods to generate the necessary traffic. Once the traffic has been created, the website itself becomes critical to success. Capturing the interest of the website visitors right from the home page is imperative.

Tips for effective E-commerce home pages

Here are some tips on how to create highly effective home pages for e-commerce websites. Website design tips to increase online sales and improve conversion. For home pages to be most effective, here are website design tips.

Responsive Design Website and Home Page

To increase sales online, it is becoming critical to convert over to a HTML5 Responsive Design website. These websites work perfectly across all major devices such as smart phones, tablets, and computers. Over 60% of people are accessing the Internet and websites through mobile devices. A demographic, without responsive design not considered.

SEO Optimized Home Page

For a website to rank high in search and generate traffic, it must be amongst some other things, optimized. This is especially true for the e-commerce home pages. Title tags, keywords, and Meta description has to be created. The SEO copy must be well written and placed strategically on the home page. These are some along couple other elements that need to be optimized for SEO results.

All Contact Information Easily Visible and Accessible

Customers and website visitors establish quicker trust with a website when contact information is easily visible and accessible. This is true for the phone number, address, and other contact information such as email. These days, it is a good idea to also display well social media icons and accounts as well as shopping cart functions and navigation.

Sales Conversion Tools on Home Page

Most sales conversion tools should be strategically positioned on the home page to be most effective. These are all sales, promotions, and specials featured through graphical slides, banners, call to action elements, etc. These are very important to increase sales and conversion.

Product Featured on Home Page

Since the bounce rate can be very high for websites, the home page must feature the products of the e-commerce store. What the visitor is looking for must be visible on the home page. Products should be featured in multiple ways on the home page. Packaged deals, most popular, specials, new items etc. are usually featured with successful e-commerce websites.

These are one of the most important aspects of having an effective home page for e-commerce websites. There are other aspects, but if a business incorporates these elements, sales conversion and profits can be increased. For entrepreneurs and companies that are not sure, consulting services are always available. Also, conversion optimization services can be hired to get the job done as well.

In many cases, it involves some redesign and updating. If a business does not have a responsive design website yet, soon or later it will have to invest into the update. Otherwise, a business will risk of becoming invisible quickly to online shoppers.

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