Creating Skin Care Packaging That Sells Products

Creating Skin Care Packaging That Sells Products
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One of the key differentiators for beauty brands is packaging. It can attract consumers and key business partners or do the opposite. It is a critical component of a brand and product line. Creating skin care packaging that sells products can be a complex task for brands. A brand must ensure quality formulations first and of course have created the branding. Once this is in place, the packaging design has to be created and choices made in regards to the physical containers of the skin care products such as jars, tubes, and so on. The secondary packaging of beauty products, are the boxes the individual products come in.

Consumers have gotten used to a wide range of packaging by beauty brands for skin care. From very rich designs and exotic form packaging to clinical and more clean designs. Brands as well as consumers have paid much attention to more conscious packaging solutions. Driven by consumer demand, brands have opted for recycled packaging material and Green packaging.

Brands and consumers have many options when it comes to materials used for packaging. These days’ manufacturers provide packaging in plastic, glass, acrylic, and airless. Many more different shapes and sizes available as well. Regardless of style chosen by brands, a few things need to be kept in mind.

Attractiveness, Image and Commercial Appeal

Packaging has to be attractive and appeal to the desired target audience and market. This includes the design aspect of the packaging and the application of it. Poorly applied and designed labels will not produce the results. Brands should ensure they choose the right application for their packaging such as screening, labels, or hot stamping. The design must be of quality, detailed oriented, and attractive to consumers. Brand image must be kept in mind when created the look of the packaging.

Product Formulation Stability

When contracting out the formulation to reputable labs, entrepreneurs and brands can ensure the stability and quality of their formulations. This is not always the case. Many labs and formulations do not necessary meet the standard and quality desired. Entrepreneurs and brands that work with new lab relationships should make sure the quality of formulations and stability is what they expect. Laboratories can already be accredited with many of their formulations, which can help skin care brands start newer products without many complications.

Shipping and Handling Convenience

Packaging should stand out from the competition, but not be too unique to cause complications with screeners, shippers, and retailers. Packaging should be unique, but still more mainstream to allow for vendors to get the required jobs done such as the branding of the packaging through processes such as silk screening. Machines need to be able to run the chosen packaging to apply the required content and branding. If the packaging is too oddly shaped and unique, it may increase prices and prevent a brand from using a certain method. Shipping products should also not get more expansive due to shape, size, and form of product packaging. Brands must keep all these points in mind when deciding upon beauty packaging.

Standards and Regulations

There are a great deal of regulations that skin care brands have to be aware of from agencies like the FDA and other government regulations. There are strict safety and standards that must be followed in term of information required on the packaging and what information is shared about the products itself. It is critical that brand owners and entrepreneurs are aware of these regulations and adheres to these standards. Consideration must be given to the size, decoration, and required information.

Order Minimums and Availability

Choosing the packaging for a skin care product line can be challenging. Order minimums and availability of packaging for primary and secondary should be careful considered by brands. Order minimums can range from 500 to 20,000 units per order. Also, at times certain packaging is not available and this can cause major issues for an established or new skin care brand. Beauty companies need to carefully choose their packaging considering the minimum order requirements by the manufacturers and future availability, since changing packaging can have drastic effects on a products already marketed and sold.

Skin care brands should consider all of these points when creating new products or packaging for a product line. Packaging strategies are critical since any challenges can be expansive and cause major delays for brands and product development.

For brands that are not sure about choices and options, skin care business consulting services can always help. Experienced industry professionals can help a brand navigate through options and avoid costly mistakes. Industry experienced designers can help with graphic design services and packaging options.

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