A Critical Component Of E-Commerce Success Is Content Marketing

A Critical Component Of E-Commerce Success Is Content Marketing
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How to achieve e-commerce success is a critical component of many businesses these days. Any company or individual that operates e-commerce websites has the goal to increase online sales, conversion rates, website visitors, and profitability. So, how does one achieve e-commerce success?

Content marketing is a critical component of succeeding online. Regardless of size, all brands must become media companies in order to achieve success online. The creation, publication, and distribution of content is vital to the success of a business online.

Brands have identified the need to engage customers around lifestyle elements such as certain interest areas, not just sell them products. Content marketing plays a key role in this.

Why Content Marketing Is Critical To E-Commerce Success

content-marketingBy 2017, commerce transactions on mobile devices will reach 3.2 trillion dollars. 73% of Internet users make online purchases in the United States, while 85% of UK Internet users shop online. 80% of Internet users engage in mobile commerce in Germany. Businesses can’t afford not to take this seriously, especially e-commerce businesses.

Online retailers need to reach potential customers earlier in the buying cycle to differentiate: when they are considering the solution to a problem, rather than just selecting a product. It’s in this area that strong content can position these businesses as trusted source for advice.

Unique, quality and relative content helps online retailers address the core needs behind purchases, by providing the dynamic and engaging information needed to truly make their decisions.

Content marketing is not just a part of a marketing strategy, it’s critical. 76% of online visitors that have a negative online e-commerce experience will not shop with that specific retailer ever again.

From a marketing perspective, content is central to any inbound marketing strategy. Generating quality content raises SEO values, lowering search engine advertising costs. Content marketing increases search rankings, website traffic, conversion rates. It can increase sales and keep customers loyal. Online success can be reached more effectively with content marketing.

Companies and e-commerce operators that want to explore content marketing opportunities can always gain further knowledge through marketing consulting services. With consulting services, a company can learn more about the strategy prior to making any commitments.

When hiring out for content marketing services, e-commerce website operators and businesses should ensure first the quality of the content marketing services and vendors. Working with experienced and professional companies ensures best chances for successful results.

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