Cultural Guidance from an International Business Consultant

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body languageIncreasing levels of prosperity in developing countries such as China are enticing more skin care businesses to enter the global marketplace. In a worldwide playing field, cultural diversity becomes more important. With so many different methods of communication available, there are more opportunities to make mistakes when engaging with different cultures. Follow these tips from an international business consultant to prevent faux pas during global customer interactions.

It is impossible to become well-versed in all cultures but there are several guidelines that anyone can follow to help prevent multicultural misunderstandings. Begin by researching the countries and cultures that the skin care business will be dealing with in the future. Resources for acceptable interaction are available online and consultants with international business experience can provide additional information.

Communication involves more than the spoken or written word and in these days of videoconferencing, body language is even more important. Different cultures have different interpretations for everything from the way a person stands to gestures that are made. In face-to-face interactions, hugging, kissing, or shaking hands may be considered taboo. Exhibit a formal demeanor, practice good posture, and keep hands folded or at the sides of the body and both feet on the floor or ankles crossed.

Until the other party provides some clues regarding expectations, maintain a low-key, professional atmosphere during professional interactions. Do not speak informally or use slang and during in-person or video encounters, carry yourself as if dealing with a political leader. A conservative party will expect respectful treatment and a reserved manner. Other individuals will emit cues that it is acceptable to be more informal or animated during future interactions.

During online, telephone, or in-person encounters, take cues from the communication styles that the other person exhibits. If the individual begins conversations with personal banter, this indicates that he or she is a social person who is willing to have a chat before engaging in a business conversation. The personal aspect of this relationship is important so do not cut it short because this could prevent a strong relationship from developing.

Focus on communication nuances of different countries and cultures and tailor interactions accordingly. If you find yourself struggling, seek guidance from an international business consultant who has experience with these countries. With the right approach, any entrepreneur can take a skin care business global and achieve success without making a major communication mistake during multicultural or multinational interactions.

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