Distributing Skin Care Products In The Spa Market

Distributing Skin Care Products In The Spa Market
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Skin care professionals and brands that sell and market skin care products often look to spas for distribution opportunities. Spas have dedicated customer bases, brick and mortar locations, and foot traffic. Spas with dozens of locations, hotel chains with spas, or nationwide spa chains can be a lucrative distribution channel for skin care and beauty brands.

Recent research suggests that distributing skin care products through spas continues to be a robust and growing sales channel and strategy. Last year just over 20,000 spas in the U.S. generated over $15 billion in revenues. With over 160 million visits by consumers, brands have excellent chances at selling skin care products through spa locations.

Why distributing skin care products in the spa market is profitable

Dedicated Skin Care Professionals

Selling skin care products through spa channels comes with profitable benefits. For example, dedicated skink are professionals work in spas that can answer questions, provide customer service, and advice on products. This helps brands sell products and gain loyal brand fans.

Merging Skin Treatments With Products

Unlike traditional retailing of skin care products, selling beauty products through spas is merging skin treatments with products. Spas provide skin care services that teach customers about proper skin care and treatments, while advising on different products for different applications. Merging treatments with product sales is highly efficient.

Relationship Oriented Product Sales

Most consumers return to the same skin care professionals to get treatment. It is sort of like hair stylists. When a consumer finds one they like, they keep returning. With skin care spas and clinics, it is similar and thus benefit brands retailing products. Relationship-oriented product sales build loyalty and longevity.

Spa treatments offer consumers an experiential introduction to new skin care treatments, products, and skin care benefits. While there are many benefits for brands to retail and distribute products through spas, there are also some cons.

There are some drawbacks to spa distribution strategies. It remains a highly fragmented industry. This means brands have to allocate a significant amount of time and resources to reach them. Sales efforts can take time and return on investment (ROI) with it as well.

Brands that want to speed up product sales and increase sales should reach out to professionals and experts. Industry knowledgeable professionals can quickly go over options and strategies to reach specific goals. Consulting services are a great way to get temporary help with certain tasks and objectives. Skin care business consulting services can help brands with sales and marketing skin care products. Brands can get a free consultation and decide how to proceed.

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