Do Not Overlook Google Vince

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google, seo, search engine optimizationIt is no secret that major brands have an advantage on Google search results lists. In February 2009, Google released a Vince update, changing the practice of search engine optimization. To get their skin care SEO programs on the right track, skin care marketers should understand Vince because this update is far more than it seems.

Matt Cutts of Google referred to Vince as a “minor change” but industry insiders thought otherwise and they are being proven right. People soon began discussing Google’s preference for big brands. The online presence of these brands was already enviable but many of the brands did not know how to create search engine-friendly websites. Google helped them bypass these obstacles. Today, Google search results tend to feature more brands and fewer affiliates.

Building a brand online requires using multiple marketing channels. The best-known brands take this approach, reaching the largest numbers of consumers. To build a brand online, a skin care business can use a blog, some videos, and engage in public relations. A business that creates a brand has established trust and this involves much more than purchasing links and creating title tags. Google most likely has the ability to monitor social media for brand mentions and assign value to mentions of the business URL even when it is not hyperlinked.

Once trust has been established with search engines, a business may have more leeway. New sites should spend time and effort building trust. However, they should not rely on spammy SEO tactics that some larger brands are still using. How a business approaches SEO is more important than what it does. A business that blindly follows what major players do can find itself in a bad position. Marketers should instead rely upon advice provided by search engine optimization experts.

To build trust, a diligent approach should pay off and can prevent a site from being exiled to online oblivion. Once search engines begin trusting a site, they may permit some activity that is considered more aggressive. Companies that are trustworthy can benefit from Vince but doing so requires them to tailor their SEO efforts to their size.

Skin care SEO can be a difficult task for a marketer who is not well-versed in search engine “rules.” Many skin care business owners reduce the frustration involved by using a consulting firm with experience in the skin care industry and SEO techniques. As a result, some of them are able to benefit from Google Vince.

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