Does Any Business That Has A Website Need Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

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Allocating marketing dollars can be a challenging decision for many executives and business owners. Companies just simple are overwhelmed at times with what is available in today’s market and how fast it is changing. Furthermore, how to analyze it and integrate it into existing efforts or additional marketing structures.

We talk here at Illumination Consulting with clients frequently about marketing options and opportunities. In addition to managing marketing campaigns for our clients, we advice them on what is available and what their competition is already utilizing. Cost and how to spend the allocated budget is a question every organization has to answer regardless of size.

Frequently, we hear the same question. Do we need Search Engine Optimization and why?

The answer is, yes. We find as we analyze our clients businesses and learn about their customers that we always seem to find reasons why a Search Engine Optimization campaign is a great marketing investment. Website operators want visibility, traffic, and exposure. Organic Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to achieve it. Especially if professionally managed and yielding the proper results.

Marketing experts should be great in not only successfully managing SEO campaigns on behalf of their clients, achieving the rankings for keywords, but also in converting the website traffic.

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