E-Commerce Sales Conversion Best Practices

E-Commerce Sales Conversion Best Practices
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Making any changes on an e-commerce website can be a daunting experience. This is especially true for established businesses that have lots of traffic and sales. Any change can drastically increase or decrease business. To help out here are e-commerce sales conversion best practices for entrepreneurs and companies that want to increase their online sales.

For any business that does not want to tackle this task in-house experts are always available. Conversion Optimization services are used by many online retailers to improve their online operations, conversion rates, and customer acquisition.

For companies and entrepreneurs that want to try it themselves, here are the most common methods to increase online sales. Below are our e-commerce sales conversion best practices.

Add videos to key website pages.

Video is the fastest growing method to not just increase online sales, but also improve search rankings, customer service, and so much more. Videos can give an e-commerce website a 100% boost. A video should be placed on the home page, product pages, and key landing pages for best results. These videos should be professionally done and less than 3 minutes in length. Videos can highlight products, ingredients, uses, or even testimonials from existing customers.

Clearly display the customer service phone number.

Even though it is an e-commerce website and an online business, customers want to see a customer service number listed. It is a matter of trust often. Rarely someone needs to call, but most desire to see the phone number clearly displayed. For best results, the phone number should be placed on top, in the header. This way, it is visible across all pages of the website. Other communication tools such as life chat features are highly effective as well.

Give and properly display incentives to visitors.

Online consumers shop online to get deals. Incentives are at this point almost a requirement, demanded by the consumers. Common incentives are free shipping, discounts, specials, freebies, giveaways, and so on. These incentives are especially helpful around the shopping holidays. These incentives should be properly displayed on the home page, product pages, and key website page to drive sales. Call to action elements should be created and placed throughout the website with the incentives.

Add and display trust badges on key pages.

Reviews are big these days and association with key organizations. Online retailers should add and display trust badges from the BBB, Yelp, and other relevant organizations or sites. These build trust with consumers and let’s them know where they can do some research on the brand and customer experiences. They should be placed on the home page, product pages, and other key pages of the website.

Reduce checkout process as much as possible.

The checkout process of the any e-commerce website should be as short as possible for best results. E-commerce checkouts should be user-friendly, easy, and short to increase sales conversion. Not all online store software systems are the same. Some online store applications are better developed. They are aesthetically nicer, easier to use, and more features. Online retailers should ensure they are using a system to works well with the customers and is properly created and setup.

There are many more ways to improve the conversion rates of an e-commerce website. These were some of the main methods used by online retailers. For companies that want professional help, Conversion Optimization services are the best way to get assistance.

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