5 E-Commerce SEO Mistakes To Avoid

5 E-Commerce SEO Mistakes To Avoid
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Website developers are not marketers necessary. It is common to find e-commerce websites that are not optimized for search engines. If the owners did not hire marketing professionals, the website is most likely not optimized properly. Often, online stores and websites have mistakes. Here are 5 e-commerce SEO mistakes to avoid as online retailers.

1. Duplicate Content
One SEO mistake to avoid at any circumstance is having duplicate content on a website. Duplicate content since last year has become by search giant Google something to avoid. Google severely negatively impacts a website search results and rankings due to duplicate content. This is of course the opposite of what online retailers are trying to achieve. The key is to have uniquely written and relevant content for each page on the website.

2. Search Friendly URLs
When a website is created, it is very important to structure the URLs with SEO and search engines in mind. All URLs of an e-commerce website should be search friendly. To avoid are dynamically generated URLs by CMS that are database driven and not optimized for search. This hurts online marketing efforts and does not support Search Engine Optimization campaigns.

3. Home Page Designs
The home page is one of the most important pages of an e-commerce website. It is often not properly designed and structured to produce results. Home page designs have to mirror marketing and sales efforts with the right features. Designers are often not sales or marketing people. Therefore, these websites lack the proper elements. Avoid poorly created home pages for e-commerce websites.

4. Manufacturer’s Product Descriptions
Manufacturers provide retailers, marketers, and distributors with the product descriptions. Then, often these companies just copy them without customizing them. This hurts online marketing efforts and can be devastating to online efforts. All product descriptions should be altered and edited to make them custom.

5. Lack of Page Optimization
Each page, especially the shopping pages, home pages, and landing pages should be all optimized for not only search engines, but also for sales. Each page should have the proper title tags, keywords, and Meta description. Furthermore, those pages each must have the right content, internal links, and image optimization.

Companies that prefer to have professional optimize their website can always work with experts. Marketing services such as Conversion Optimization and Search Engine Optimization SEO optimize websites for search.

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