Ecommerce Sales: Website Design Tips

Ecommerce Sales: Website Design Tips
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Website design for ecommerce websites is very different than other website designs. With ecommerce, website design is about getting the visitor to shop and to the checkout as fast as possible. For ecommerce sales, these website design tips are results oriented.

Online shoppers have expectations when it comes to conducting shopping with ecommerce websites. Often, a consumer searches for a product in search engines such as Google, finds a link and clicks on it. Only to click right out again due to the website lacking proper information, offers, or simply an un-trusting design/look. Sometimes, consumers land on a appealing and properly developed website as well. One thing is clear, online consumers are quick to jump away and online retailers only have a couple seconds to earn the trust and attention of a website visitor.

This is why ecommerce website design is so critical to sales. A poorly constructed and designed website will certainly lack the results. To help retailers out, here are a few key tips for ecommerce sales and website design.

Make the search bar easily available and visible.

The more products an ecommerce site sells the more options customers have. A search bar should be made available and visible to shoppers to make finding a product easier.

Use only high quality photographs in the store.

This can’t be stressed enough. So many ecommerce websites use poor quality and unprofessional photographs of their products. Only high quality and professional photographs should be used and multiple shots of each SKU.

Easy site navigation is critical to success.

The website navigation and product navigation must be easy and user-friendly. Consumers do not like to look for things online. The navigation must be well organized, properly designed, and integrated.

Retailers at least must consider SEO.

All too often, retailers and e-commerce operators do not have a Search Engine Optimization campaign. Some have had a bad vendor before and gave up others find it costly. SEO has the highest ROI for retailing online and should be the cornerstone-marketing tactic.

Incorporate social media functions.

Social media is a major part of our daily lives these days. Retailers that want to be more successful with their e-commerce websites must make sure that all major social media channels and their functions are integrated on all key pages.

There are many more things that can be addressed to improve e-commerce website design. Retailers can always work with experts and professionals to optimize their online efforts. Conversion Optimization is one of those services and sometimes a redesign of the website is necessary. Talking to professionals will bring clarity and provide the necessary details to make an educated decision.

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