Effective Image Marketing Tips

Effective Image Marketing Tips
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Using images to convey messages in marketing campaigns is not new. What is new is the fact that entire networks now exist purely for images. These channels and networks such as Instagram and Pinterest. Social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook rely heavily on images too. To help out, here are some effective image marketing tips.

Visual communication is powerful. Individuals process visuals over 50,000 times faster than text. Content with images that are relevant to the content get over 90% more views. Experts have also found that colored visuals increases an individuals desire to read the content by over 70%. Effective image marketing means applying images properly in all marketing efforts.

Almost all social media channels and platforms utilize images that can be hash-tagged or optimized with keywords. These image entries when done properly across all popular social media platforms deliver a host of benefits. They support other marketing efforts such as Search Engine Optimization. Images are used on social media for humor, as Infographics, part of articles, blog posts, and in many other ways.

Be helpful with images.

Using images and visuals in ways that is helpful to the desired target audience is key. Be helpful! Visual tips, how-to, and checklists perform very well on social media and in blogs. Design images to inspire, inform, and help.

Show with images.

Show with images the benefits of a service or product(s). Show how it works or how it is utilized. Show the results, before and after, and so on. Use images to show potential customers what messages it is important to convey as a business.

Humanize with images.

Companies have an inherited need to humanize themselves towards their customers and target audience. Brands that are faceless allocate many resources to appear a certain way towards their audience. Use images for humor, featured employees, customers, draw winners, and so on to humanize the brand.

Images are important these days for marketing and businesses, as well as any other organization. For organizations and entrepreneurs that want assistance with image marketing efforts, can gain assistance with experts. Professionals through marketing services and consulting services help clients with effective image marketing.

Effective Image Marketing

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