Expert Tips For Increasing E-Commerce Website Sales

Expert Tips For Increasing E-Commerce Website Sales
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The e-commerce business and market is vastly complex and ever changing, but even with these variables there are some sure ways for increasing e-commerce website traffic. The online market place is growing worldwide. The world of e-commerce is expanding quickly. Many online retailers compete within vertical markets for customers and business.

Online retailers certainly think of website traffic, when thinking of increasing e-commerce profitability. No traffic usually means no sales, and no sales translates into no online business success. Just about anyone can setup and start an online store with an e-commerce website. The challenging part is generating the website traffic to produce sales and gain customers. To help out, here are expert tips for increasing e-commerce website sales.

3 Expert Tips For Increasing E-Commerce Website Sales

1. Use email-marketing campaigns regularly.

One of the most effective methods to increase e-commerce website sales is through email marketing campaigns. Regular and properly created email newsletters can have a return on investment ROI over 4,000%. 70% of people make use of discounts they learn from emails. Over 50% of people that subscribe to an e-commerce newsletter do so because they wish to receive special offers.

2. Simplify the store checkout process.

To harness the purchasing power of the website traffic, online retailers should simplify the store checkout process as much as possible. Provide multiple payment methods, don’t force customers to register, keep forms short, ask for only what is necessary – customer information wise, assure secure shopping environment via icons and badges, clear checkout steps that are marked, and overall user-friendly checkout experience.

3. Reduce shopping cart abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the biggest problems in the e-commerce industry and business. It is a valid concern for all online retailers, regardless of size or organization or type of products sold. Shopping cart abandonment has been on the rise and in 2013 it was at 72%. This means 72% of all website visitors that start the buying process and proceed to checkout, do not finish the checkout and abandon their online shopping carts. The average abandonment rate is around 65%.

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