Fast and Easy Skin Care Retail Promotions

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Retail PromotionsCompetition in the skin care retail sector is forcing businesses to get creative with promotions. Many retailers equate the word “creative” with expensive and time-consuming. In reality, there are plenty of cheap promotional ideas that require little time or effort. Retailers should consider these the next time they want to increase sales of assorted skin care products.

Consumers love anything that is free so distribute free samples with a two-for-one offer. Shoppers will purchase a product for themselves and receive a free one for someone else so they can spread the word. Free skin care lessons or makeovers show consumers how to apply what your company sells. Once they realize the possibilities, shoppers will be more likely to buy all the skin care treatments they need.

Collaborating with other non-competing businesses can result in a winning situation for all involved. Provide products as free gifts to shoppers at the other retailer and ask that business to do the same for yours. Hold a beauty or health care fair that features a variety of businesses in this sector. Work together on marketing campaigns, contests, and other promotions to spread the expense without losing any benefits.

Offer a small item such as a loofah or exfoliating tool as a free gift with purchase. Provide more valuable gifts with bigger-ticket purchases. By offering a thick robe valued at $50 with a $100 purchase, a skin care retailer provides something more valuable to a customer than the associated dollar discount. The customer values the item at $50 but retailer cost is lower and the business does not take the hit of a $50 discount.

When a new skin care product is released, hold a special event that features free samples and demonstrations. Have a local celebrity serve as a spokesperson or offer food or entertainment that will draw a crowd. To notify the largest audience, promote this event in-store, through the mail, and online. Have extra helpers on hand to manage the event and handle purchase transactions.

Packaging some popular skin care products with some that do not sell as well provides customers with perceived value while moving items that are slow-sellers. Capture additional business at the point of sale by providing a special offer on another item. Customers are most receptive at the time of purchase and a skin care retail business can take advantage of this whether it operates face to face or online.

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