Going Big With Print When Advertising Skin Care Products

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Illumination Consulting offers a wide array of marketing services to skin care businesses of all sizes. Entrepreneurs have preferred methods of advertising skin care products, with some choosing electronic promotion, while others opt for printed versions. Combining the two can be very effective and taking print to a larger scale provides maximum exposure.

Newspaper and magazine advertisements, brochures, and flyers are typical print marketing tools. A large poster can enhance results of these efforts, capturing attention from a store window. People may not be shopping for a skin care product but when they see the poster advertising a great item at a low price, they will. Posters are effective for advertising sales, special offers, and the newest products to hit the market.

Billboards are the largest forms of poster advertising. Entrepreneurs who have never used this medium should consider it because the cost may be less than they expect. With a large billboard promoting its top-selling product, a business will be noticed by everyone making the daily commute. Traffic jams provide time for drivers to consider whether they could benefit from using the advertised item. Directing readers to the company website or store location should increase sales substantially.

Point of purchase displays allow skin care companies to make a sale before shoppers leave the store. Placing a promotion at the checkout counter is the perfect way to get impulse sales. One effective method is to fill a small basket or other container with small versions of new products and sell these at discounted prices. Shoppers will sample the items and may purchase larger sizes in the future.

In-store displays are great for capturing the attention of a captive audience. Shoppers are already in a store so why not direct them to your products? Place a six-foot display at each end of the aisle featuring the product and include a coupon pad so shoppers can try products at a reduced price. These displays are also great for promoting new items that shoppers may not have seen on shelves. Having a professional graphic designer create the displays ensures high-quality results.

Advertising skin care products at trade show includes these life-size displays, large posters, and banners. Print advertisements can also be designed to wrap around exhibit booth tables or the entire backdrop of the booth. Designers have a lot of space to work with so they can get very creative with the layout and features.

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