Going Social with Ecommerce for Skin Care

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skin care ecommerce, social mediaSkin care businesses that operate online should use ecommerce platforms such as Magento. They should also increase their activity on social media networks. Why? Because these networks are where their prospective customers spend large portions of time. Making ecommerce for skin care successful requires reaching the largest numbers of online shoppers and convincing them to make purchases. Developing relationships through online social networks is an easy and inexpensive way to do this.

Facebook and Twitter have proven themselves as online marketing tools for businesses in almost every industry. Skin care marketers can post industry news, product details, and links to videos that teach consumers how to use their products. Pinterest offers a visual interface that few other social networks replicate. Skin care businesses can pin product images and before-and-after videos, linking these to ordering pages on the company website.

Wanelo is an online community that is receiving more attention, even receiving a recent mention by Entrepreneur. This social platform features a corkboard-style interface similar to that used by Pinterest. Users can link to their favorite products and share these with friends. Every item displayed on Wanelo can be purchased online and when users click the “Buy” button they are taken to the website of the retailer.

By making shopping a social experience, Wanelo is making consumers less reliant on advertisements for new product discovery. Females age 18 to 34 with a college education, no children, and between $30,000 and $60,000 in income represent the most active segment of Wanelo users. They spend approximately six minutes on this platform and 31 seconds viewing each page. Android and iOS apps have increased the usage rate for this demographic, which is the ideal target audience for many skin care brands.

Successful marketing involves spreading the word to as many targeted consumers as possible. Unfortunately, many skin care brands have very limited marketing budgets. Social media is the perfect solution because the most popular networks are free to join and use. Businesses can save money for new product development and other forms of online advertising such as affiliate marketing and pay-per-click ads.

Social media and ecommerce for skin care are the perfect fit. Advertising skin care products on social media networks and linking to the ecommerce platform on the skin care website makes it easy and convenient for consumers to get what they want. After installing an ecommerce platform on your website, increase the social media presence of the business to reap greater benefits.

*Photo Courtesy of Widjaya Ivan via Creative Commons License

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