Google Helping to Improve Online Skin Care Advertising Quality

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improving qualityMany skin care businesses do business exclusively online and others use the Internet as a secondary marketing channel. In either case, they should care about how customers behave when visiting their websites. Businesses can use this information to improve the quality of their online skin care advertising. With one of its newest tools, Google is making it easier for skin care companies to identify customer behavior.

Owners of skin care websites should know how visitors find them because this helps to identify which avenues drive sales most effectively. “The Customer Journey to Online Purchase” is a new Google tool that enables site owners to explore the online purchasing behavior of their customers. Users can identify how different types of marketing interactions influence online sales. Capturing behaviors from the first time a customer interacts with marketing messages to the point where they make purchases provides a wealth of useful information.

This tool is the result of data submitted by more than 36,000 business customers of Google Analytics. One thing it reveals is that during the early stages of online shopping in certain industries, people usually click on display ads. However, when shopping for automobile or travel-related products or services, online customers typically do not click these ads until later in the buying cycle.

Breaking down buyer behaviors by industry allows a marketer to design an advertising campaign that offers the right message to online shoppers at the right time. Skin care marketers can use the Google tool to identify purchasing trends within their industry. These details, combined with Google Analytics statistics from their own websites help marketers identify where and how various marketing channels have the most influence on their customers.

The new tool is free and is easy to use. From its home page, marketers can learn how marketing channels such as display ads, emails, paid search advertisements, direct website visits, and social media affect their customers and when each has the strongest influence. They can even identify the average number of days or interactions before customers make a purchase within their industry along with the average value of each purchase.

Throughout this tool, Google offers helpful tips that explain how marketers can combine the provided information with data from their Google Analytics accounts. Businesses can adjust their skin care advertising budgets and programs based on what they discover. If they need assistance, Illumination Consulting marketing professionals will help them create impressive online marketing campaigns for all channels.

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