Why Google May Be Rejecting And Not Listing Your Products

Why Google May Be Rejecting And Not Listing Your Products
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Google is now enforcing its new inventory submission formatting for Google Shopping. The requirements for the data may affect retailers and businesses with their presence on Google search, potentially not listing your products at all.

In the beginning of this year, Google updated its “Google Shopping Feed Specifications”. There have been several changes to the inventory submission format that may have multiple affects on the visibility of products with Google.

To stay up-to-date and competitive, businesses such as online retailers, e-commerce websites, and other organizations that sell products online should address their product details with Google. To better understand why, here are some additional details to this change by Google this year.

Google’s 2014 Shopping Products Feed Specification Update

This change by Google this year affects product data by all online retailers and companies. The change affects Mobile URLs, Product titles and descriptions, Item availability, and Product identifiers.

Shopping Feed Product Availability

One of the changes by Google is the option “available to order”. Google wants advertisers to stop using this and have replaced it by “in stock” and “out of stock” descriptions as well as “pre order”. Companies and online retailers should update all their inventory information, making sure none of the products are being rejected or are not listed.

Shopping Feed Product Titles

Google has limited the length of product titles in their shopping feed now. Advertisers now have a 150-character limit for all their product titles. Any titles that are longer will be at risk of being rejected and not listed by Google. Companies and entrepreneurs should edit their product titles, ensuring they are less than 150 characters to make sure, the products are not being rejected.

Shopping Feed Product Description

Google has also limited the product descriptions, reducing the allowed characters from 10,000 to 5,000. For any product description that contains more than five thousand characters, products may risk rejection by Google. Brands and entrepreneurs should rewrite their product descriptions if they are too long. This can significantly impact SEO campaigns and results.

For best results, companies and entrepreneurs must revisit their product listings with Google and ensure that all product details comply with this years latest Google changes. Companies and brands that want to ensure compliance, working with experts may be a great idea.

Consulting services can properly address these types of adjustments and changes. A business that has an active SEO campaign, Search Engine Optimization services can also address these latest changes by Google and make the proper changes to product details listed with Google. Listing your products successfully does not have to be a challenging task for a business.

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