How Skin Care SEO Will Change In 2013

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In the online world, things change every minute so a new year holds the potential for many changes. Over the past two years alone, Google Penguin and Panda caused Web developers to change their operating practices for good. What will 2013 hold for skin care SEO? Though there are bound to be surprises, handling them will be easier if content is high-quality and manipulative techniques are cast aside.

During the past few years, Google has helped level the online playing field, giving quality content the weight it deserves. Web developers no longer benefit from using link schemes, crafty bookmarking practices, and other tricks. Penguin and Panda managed to wipe out many successful sites that used manipulative tactics to achieve enviable rankings on search results lists.

As many online marketing techniques go the way of the dinosaur, SEO is still standing. Years ago, optimizing content for Google PageRank was the most important consideration. Though page ranking is still significant, SEO has evolved and user experience has become more important. In 2013, metrics driven by content are anticipated to enter the spotlight.

Google Author Rank is one of these metrics and Google has already implemented it. However, the SEO industry has not reacted very quickly, even with technology-based content. Current estimates indicate that only one in every ten technology-focused blogs has implemented Google Authorship. Though the impact that Authorship will have on the Google search algorithm has yet to be determine, all should be revealed in 2013 so developers should begin preparations.

Millions of people from all over the planet supply Web content. With Author Rank, Google can establish subject matter experts based on content, not Web address. Authorship has the potential to be a powerful metric for ranking without consideration of Web addresses. It also enables Internet users to search for industry experts by name. Authorship will enable Google to separate the true experts on a given topic from those who are just faking it to increase their page rankings.

Google Authorship will make it easier for skin care experts to distinguish themselves, even if these companies have limited staff and resources. Wolves in sheep’s clothing will be exposed as Google Author Rank transforms the skin care SEO environment. Let the SEO experts at Illumination Consulting help you position your skin care business to maximize its online success when the Google Authorship frenzy takes hold in 2013. Your quality content will finally receive the recognition it deserves.

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