How To Increase Skin Care E-Commerce Sales Online

How To Increase Skin Care E-Commerce Sales Online
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A frequent question often asked to professionals and experts within the beauty and skin care industry is how to increase skin care e-commerce sales online. The right answer to that question comes in two parts.

The first part is simple to explain, but may not be simple to achieve. A skin care or beauty e-commerce website must have plenty of quality website traffic. Often, this is not really understood well by online retailers and brands.

It takes lots of website traffic to generate online sales through e-commerce solutions and online stores. The site traffic has to be generated for any chance of online sales.

The other part of the answer is below. Once, a brand is generating site traffic, a skin care business and brand must harness sales and customers from these website visitors. In professional circles, this is called converting the visitor into a customer and shopper.

How to increase skin care e-commerce sales online can be answered by part one, then part two. Below are 5 great ways to increase online sales once the website has traffic.

1. Use Landing Pages
Landing pages are a critical component of increasing conversion rates with e-commerce websites. Landing pages should be created by beauty and skin care brands for specific promotions, products, and sales. Landing pages have the highest conversion rates and brands should have at a minimum half a dozen, if not more.

2. Use Effective Colors
The use of colors to convey messages, emotions, and to make things stand out is critical to generating sales online. Often, this is very misunderstood by brands and company owners. Colors have to make sense for business and the call to actions throughout the entire website, especially on the home page and shopping pages. Using contrasting colors effectively is key to success online.

3. Use the Right Language
The right tone and language is important to motivate website visitors and have them take action. Often by changing words slightly such as from “Shop” to “Buy Now” and so on can have drastically different effects on conversion and online sales. The proper language should be used throughout the website, especially around the shopping pages, home page, and key landing pages.

4. Cross-Sell and Up-Sell
It costs the same amount of resources and efforts to get a site visitor to the website, why not up-sell and cross-sell. Once the website visitor has arrived, the beauty and skin care brand should take full advantage of it by cross-selling and up-selling visitors and existing customers. Bundling up products and giving special incentives to promote further sales can often achieve this.

5. Keep Consistency Throughout
Keeping consistency throughout the website is critical to avoid confusion and lower conversion rates. Online shoppers and consumers do not like looking for features and functional buttons. For best results, a beauty brand should have the website design done with consistency throughout all pages, including the shopping pages.

For best results, beauty and skin care brands can work with industry experts that can ensure higher success rates and more professional designs to entice online shoppers. Marketing consulting services are also great to learn what works for the beauty industry, when it comes to online marketing. Regardless of strategy, use the above tips to increase online sales and conversion rates.

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