How To Remove Undesirable Backlinks From Your Skin Care Retail Website

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If you have a website that sells skin care retail products, you have probably spent time developing backlinks to make the site more visible to Internet users. The Google Penguin update revealed the importance of high quality backlinks. Review the backlinks to your site to determine if any are low-quality and should be removed.

Search engines view backlinks as “thumbs ups” from referring sites. Unfortunately, some webmasters engage in linking strategies designed to artificially inflate the backlink profiles of their sites. The initial step in keeping your site from being penalized by search engines is to identify manipulative and low-value backlinks. Do this by purchasing a tool like Majestic SEO or hiring an SEO consultant to do the work.

Any links that are hosted on websites using different language, sites that do not offer value to readers, sites that feature adult content, or sites that have been infected with malware or hacked should be identified. If a link uses anchor text that is optimized with keywords should also be noted. If a link is no longer active or features a no-follow tag that advises search engines to ignore it, the backlink need not be removed.

For each link that arrives at an active Web page, right click when arriving on the Web page, opening the source code. If no index and no follow are listed in the tag within the <head> section of the page code, search engines will not scan the page for links so the link need not be removed. If this code is not listed, go through the source code to locate the link that points to your Website to ensure that no follow is not appended to it.

If the link does not have the no follow tag, locate the contact information for the owner of the site. This is usually located on the contact or about page of the site. A free tool designed for DNS lookup will provide you with the email address for the webmaster that is on file with the domain register after you enter the URL for the site.

Contact the webmaster to request deletion of the link to your skin care retail site, the addition of a no follow tag, or a change to anchor text that is not keyword-optimized. Document your efforts to serve as proof in case a webmaster does not respond. If you use a link building service, contact it to request that low-quality links be changed or deleted.

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