Include Link Building In Small Business Search Engine Marketing Efforts

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link buildingThe goal of search engine optimization, or SEO, is to improve a website ranking on results lists for relevant online searches. A high search engine ranking is associated with website popularity and authority. Small business search engine marketing should consist of various SEO efforts including link building. Websites that contain valuable assets are attractive to other sites, who share this information with their own visitors, increasing the visibility of the sites that contain these assets.

What is considered a linkable asset on a website? Pages containing informative and useful content, tools, widgets, and even contributors perceived as experts. Think about the linkable qualities of your organization and the types of assets that the marketplace considers valuable. This should identify opportunities to create and promote linkable information. When developing a link-building campaign, take a broad view and get creative.

Many business owners do not recognize the linkable assets of their businesses. If the website features free online tools like a savings calculator or budgeting form, these should attract links. Free apps are also attractive for link-building purposes. If the site does not feature tools or apps, avoid diving right in to create them because the cost can be much more than expected.

Infographics, data, and widgets also attract other website publishers. Use this information to position the company as a helpful, authoritative source and earn some links in the process. Promote these tools so other site owners know they exist. Tap into prospective partners by sharing links and asking them to actively promote yours. Ask internal experts to share their knowledge through guest postings, quotes, and interviews. These interpersonal efforts may prove invaluable.

Giving away some products or services can result in links developed through contests, reviews, or donations. This can be one of the easiest ways to create links. Start small to avoid logistical issues and keep an eye out for copycatting by the competition. If creativity runs low, seek help from a business marketing consultant who is always coming up with new ideas.

Regular publishing creates an ongoing stream of linkable assets. Blog lists and directories, PDF submissions, podcasts, videos, and niche news sites are several relevant link opportunities. Company events and discounts create additional linking possibilities because other sites are typically interested in sharing this information. Making link building a main part of small business search engine marketing efforts positions the company for success in the online world.

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