Internet Business Consulting Focuses On Conversion Optimization

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Getting consumers to a website is only half the battle. Convincing them to make a purchase is the other half. The measurement of a website’s ability to persuade visitors to take a desired action is called conversion rate. This statistic reflects the effectiveness of online marketing efforts and how satisfied customers are with the company and its products. An Internet business consulting firm can help increase the conversion rates for sites in industries including skin care.

The average conversion rate for a website is approximately three percent. However, top retailers and some other sites have conversion rates exceeding 15 percent. Do they know something that other website owners do not? No, they have just mastered the three basic elements that influence conversion. These are credibility, relevancy, and navigation. A site must be a credible source of information and offer high-quality products. It also must be relevant to the visitor traffic it receives. Lastly, it must be easy to navigate, regardless of the skill level of the visitor.

Top-converting sites effectively communicate the unique value of the products they offer. They use relevant offers that compel customers to make purchases. These offers are promoted throughout the site so every visitor will see them, regardless of landing page. Each Web page has a similar design theme so the site maintains a consistent appearance. Throughout the conversion process, visitors are presented with connected elements that lead them to the desired outcome.

Administrators of high-converting sites understand the shopping and buying process. They know that most customers purchase products to meet a need or fulfill a desire. The ability of products to address these issues is promoted throughout the site, using different customer personas. Visitors using various styles of decision-making clearly see that the products meet their needs or wants.

These sites also use customers to help them sell. Customer likes, reviews, and testimonials are effective ways to promote skin care products. Visitors learn the benefits of products by reading what people who have tried them have to say. When previous customers post before-and-after photographs, prospective customers can view results that they trust.

These are just a few ways that websites achieve the highest conversion rates. These techniques may seem impossible to implement but a good Internet business consulting firm does this on a regular basis. With these methods in place, website owners will see their conversion rates and sales figures begin to increase and this trend will continue.

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