Internet Business Consulting Harnesses Current SEO Trends

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When corporate leaders retain an Internet business consulting firm, they should select the best of the best. Though there is much competition, the best firm makes itself known by leveraging the power of search engine optimization (SEO) trends. At Illumination Consulting, we do just that, enabling your business to blaze a trail within its industry, not follow in the footsteps of others. We incorporate the latest SEO trends, making it easy for search engines like Google to search client online content.

As search engines evolve, SEO trends change. Search engines strive to provide information of the highest quality, with the best sites included at the top of search lists. There are several trends that every company with a Web presence should take advantage of in 2012. A good consultant makes it easy to incorporate these into a website, regardless of what is being promoted. Review your corporate website and ensure that it includes these SEO methods.

Title tags continue to be important so they should concisely define the topic and cause readers to click on linked information. Make sure titles are what both readers want to see and what search engines seek. Heading tags also carry weight so use them to split content into sections. Avoid abusing these tags through efforts like keyword spamming and only use headings when it makes sense to do so.

With the Google Panda update, article marketing lost some of its value and will continue to do so. Even the most trusted sites for article marketing such as Squidoo and Ezinearticles were affected by Panda. However, article marketing still holds value for new sites that want to develop backlinks and be indexed quickly by Google. But, do not expect the ranking results that sites achieved with 2011 article marketing efforts.

Google is now incorporating social media links into its rankings. Writers should create viral content that will be shared naturally across social media. Personal experiences, guides, how-to information, and lists are several examples. When writing content, consider whether the information is conducive to sharing on Twitter or Facebook.

Google also places high value on fresh content so make sure your Web content reflects the most recent product, service, and industry developments. Whenever possible, make posts long and detailed because this contributes to lateral search indexing that helps Google accurately classify content. An Internet business consulting firm can help with each of these efforts, allowing you to focus on strategic planning.

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