Is Your Skin Care Business Making These Conversion Optimization Mistakes?

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Conversion Optimization MistakesOptimizing a website for search engines is difficult but optimizing a site to convert more visitors to customers can seem like a never-ending task. Though more companies are engaging in conversion optimization, many are making the same mistakes. Identifying these and learning how to avoid falling victim to them should increase the conversion statistics for any skin care business with an online presence.

Designing a site that requires navigation instructions is the first blunder. Visitors have neither the time nor the interest to learn how to navigate websites. Confusing visitors as soon as they reach the site is an easy way to ensure they will never return. Navigating a website should not require thought so keep navigation options simple. Some designers take things to the next level by providing navigation options customized to the browsing patterns and selections that a visitor makes on the site.

Trying to be clever or endearing on a website can backfire so statements and drawings that fall into these categories should be tested. Most visitors prefer sites that offer clear direction and make it easy to access products. Show them how the company will solve their skin care issues and lead them to the appropriate products. Adding clear labels to navigation and including search and filtering features can reduce bounce rates and increase conversions.

Providing visitors with suggestions regarding related products and discounting these items are excellent cross-selling or up-selling techniques. However, too many sites do this after checkout, when shoppers are less inclined to buy. Displaying these related products during the checkout process is much more effective. Providing a coupon on the website or via email after a sale encourages repeat business and word-of-mouth advertising about loyalty deals.

Along the same lines, a deal announced via a pop-up window that appears when the visitor attempts to close a browser window is a big mistake. At this point, the visitor has decided not to make a purchase. This pop-up will only annoy, almost guaranteeing that the individual will never return. Skin care companies cannot afford to lose a single potential customer.

Social media is connecting more people to companies online so every skin care business should embrace it. This means regularly posting useful information and responding to consumer questions and comments. This engagement can turn browsers into customers. Skin care companies can improve their conversion optimization rates even more with help from Illumination Consulting conversion experts.

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