Key Marketing Tips For 2016

Key Marketing Tips For 2016
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Here it is 2016 and many have already begun towards the end of last year to form strategies with marketing efforts for this year. The most frequent asked question is what will be the key marketing strategies for the year 2016.

With marketing consistently evolving and changing, marketing campaigns and professionals have to adapt to produce results and stay competitive. Here are tactics that remain not just relevant in 2016, but are the key tactics for producing results.

Key Marketing Tips For 2016

Content remains as key as ever.

There is no way around content. For any business that engages in online marketing efforts, content remains king. Companies have to produce content that is unique, quality driven, relevant, and frequently published across key channels such as company blog, social media, and other relevant websites. Content that is optimized via Search Engine Optimization receives better results. Higher search results rankings and more website traffic are some of the key benefits of content marketing.

Review Search Engine Optimization efforts.

SEO campaigns should be reviewed these days. Much what worked in the past, does not work any longer. Even worse, some things hurt you these days with organic search engine optimization. Companies that want to get better marketing results in 2016 must review their SEO efforts and optimize them if necessary. The use of videos, change in article distribution, and recent Google updates all require massive SEO tactical changes.

Mobile visibility and Responsive Design.

Having a mobile-friendly website is not really an option anymore for companies that want to be found online. Over 60% of individuals who access the Internet do so via a mobile device such as a tablet or smart phone. In 2016, mobile marketing is predicted to reach over $100 billion in spending. This is record spending for mobile! Desktops (computers) will be left behind within the next two years and companies better make the necessary marketing adjustments such as getting Responsive Design websites.

Social Media marketing remains a key driver.

It is simple; people are still spending a tremendous amount of time on social media channels. These days, an individual has many choices and companies must identify the key channels and become visible on them to reach their demographics. For a company brand to gain market share in 2016, it will have to remain strongly involved with the right social media channels to attract customers and improve brand loyalty.

For companies that are not sure what to do, a reputable and professional marketing company or professional can assist with analyzing efforts and suggesting the right strategies. Marketing professionals can review the website for optimization and make recommendations in regards to marking tactics.

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