When Launching New Websites

When Launching New Websites
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Regardless of size of the business, every company is forced to launch a new website every so often. There are numerous reasons such as outdated design and applications why companies would be launching new websites. Often, it is simply to improve the look and of course the results.

There are several key things not to overlook when launching new websites. These key things are listed below to help companies understand the new website optimization process better. For companies that are not sure how to go about it, consulting services or marketing services are available by professionals to assist with the launch of a new website.

When Launching New Websites

Proof reading the entire website.

Spelling and grammatical errors do not look professional and can negatively impact marketing efforts. Proof reading the entire website allows a business to also correct all formatting errors on the new website. Often, paragraphs and other elements embedded within the text may shift when transferred.

Check for duplicate content and pages.

Duplicate content since last year is very bad for websites. Search engine giant Google announced last year that websites with duplicate pages and content will be negatively impacted significantly. It is something any business wants to avoid. Checking new websites for duplicate content and pages is good practice.

Review images used throughout new website.

Images often need to be resized, compressed, and optimized for best results. When launching a new website, companies should make sure that each image throughout the website is properly sized and optimized.

Pay attention to URL formatting.

The URL structure of a website is critical to online success and marketing efforts. When launching a new website, companies must pay attention to URL formatting. Important URL’s that have been marketed must remain exact, while new pages may be added. Either way, the URL structure is critical and should be properly setup.

Double-check all internal linking.

Most websites have many internal links, linking important keywords from one page to another on the website. When launching a new website, a business should double-check all internal linking to make sure it works properly and broken links do not exist.

Companies that want to ensure the best possible results can always hire professional services to make sure their new website is in proper order. Marketing services such as Conversion Optimization can help a business or services such as Search Engine Optimization. Not sure, contact a digital agency for marketing services to ask questions and see what options are available.

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