Let A Magento Website Design Specialist Overhaul Your Skin Care Website

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With the new year fast approaching, it is time to make changes. Customers are tired of looking at the same website every day so give them something new by redesigning the site. A Magento website design specialist from Illumination Consulting can make any skin care website look fresh. Learn more about Magento to determine whether it fits with your company objectives.

Magento is an ecommerce platform that enables a user to control the content, look, and functionality of an online store. It is perfect for skin care businesses because the interface includes catalog management tools, search engine optimization features, and marketing components. Skin care entrepreneurs work with one of our consultants to create a website that meets their unique business needs. Magento is completely scalable and features an intuitive interface.

Extensions to the basic platform include design themes, payment integration, and shipping features. Entrepreneurs can view a list of Magento sites online to get an idea of what these and other features can do. Many payment gateways are compatible with a Magento platform including PayPal, Payflow, checks, and money orders. Magento is optimized for the iPhone, taking ecommerce functionality mobile. One-page checkout and ability to ship to multiple addresses in one order are two of the many customer-friendly features.

Analytics and reporting functionality are included in the Magento platform. Skin care entrepreneurs can view their most important reports from the administrator dashboard. They can even drill down to see their best customers by number of orders and total order amount. An abandoned shopping cart report allows them to see where customers are aborting the purchasing process. Making tweaks to this area based on recommendations from a consultant should improve the conversion rate.

Skin care staff can create, view, edit, and fulfill orders from the Magento administrator panel. This platform even supports split fulfillment, allowing users to create multiple invoices, memos, and shipments from a single order. Reorders can be made quickly and easily from established customer accounts and customers can view their recently ordered items.

This is just a sampling of the benefits that a Magento website design holds for a skin care site. To learn more, request a free initial website design consultation from Illumination Consulting. One of our experts will recommend the best design solution for the company website based on the unique goals of the business. Start 2013 on a positive note with a new website design!

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