LinkedIn Is An Important Social Media Tool for Advertising Skin Care Businesses

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When people think of social media marketing, they typically picture Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. LinkedIn is another powerful social media tool for advertising skin care businesses. Skin care companies should harness the power of LinkedIn when embarking on a social media campaign. Whether they do this themselves or hire a skin care consulting firm like Illumination Consulting, they will reap the rewards.

Optimizing a company page on Linked in is not difficult to do. When establishing the page, add a brief company description that is simple to read. Avoid uploading the description from a marketing boilerplate because the result will typically be multiple paragraphs of text that will put anyone to sleep. Use short paragraphs, listing the most important details first and incorporating keywords.

Upload a 50×50 color image for the company logo so this appears clear and eye-catching. In the specialties area of the company overview tab, add a list of products or services. This provides prospects with a quick glimpse of what you have to offer. If products were mentioned in the company description, be sure to include them in the specialties list.

The products-services tab is the place for hard promotion of offerings. Add a short, keyword-laden description of products or services. In the Spotlight area, insert up to three images and link each to a landing page. For example, add highlighted products and link to the product page on the company website or add images of customers and link to testimonials.

Add products or services, uploading an image for each one. Use images that are interesting while advertising skin care products in a brand-consistent manner. Include a brief description of each offering, finishing it with a call to action and contact information. Select the products or services to highlight and the company LinkedIn page is complete!

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