Make It Simple To Buy: E-Commerce Tips for B2C

Make It Simple To Buy: E-Commerce Tips for B2C
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E-commerce statistics show the explosive growth worldwide of B2C e-commerce sales. Worldwide sales are over 1 trillion US dollars annually. E-commerce statistics further show that forty percent of worldwide Internet users have bought products online via a tablet, desktop, or mobile device. This amounts to more than 1 billion buyers and is projected to continue growing.

Selling online has been a growing trend for some time. Retailers have now many options to reach their customers. Consumers have now many options online, when it comes to shopping. Make it simple to buy. It is the best advice given. To increase online sales and provide better customer service, here are e-commerce tips for B2C

Fast and Simple Checkout

Websites should be fast and online stores simple. Simple checkout procedures are critical to conversion rates and lower shopping cart abandonment. The design should be of quality and professionally done for best results. Do not require users to register. Keep the checkout as short and simple as possible.

Visible Customer Service

Companies and individuals at times fail to display customer service functions properly. To increase trust with consumers, websites should clearly display multiple customer service options. Such options should be a toll free phone number, email, form mailers, and life chat if possible.

Shipping Incentives

Consumers these days expect to be treated online with shipping incentives. This means often free shipping. Retailers must offer free shipping to gain sales. Often these offers are tied to minimum order purchases. Shipping deals clearly increase conversion rates of online stores.

Display Customer Reviews

Customer reviews make a difference. Retailers that want to increase online sales should display them clearly. They should show right under each product sold. Marketing efforts should be geared towards giving customers incentives to submit reviews. Reviews are a major deciding factor amongst consumers when shopping.

There are other items that can be improved upon to increase online sales. Retailers and entrepreneurs can work with professionals to get better results. Experts often understand what areas need to be adjusted to get better conversion rates. Working with professionals could be through general marketing services or Conversion Optimization services. Either service will provide assistance.

Increase Online Sales

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