Marketing Beauty Products Effectively With Email

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Despite the popularity of social media networks, email remains a popular type of electronic marketing. Beauty product retailers can develop email campaigns for different product lines and target audiences, reaching consumers in their inboxes. Using email for marketing beauty products requires an eye for detail and a touch of creativity. Whether your business is just harnessing the power of email or is experiencing disappointing results, learn how to use email effectively.

Begin by reviewing the email distribution list to verify that addresses are current. When email marketing is already in use, check open rates. If these are less than 20 percent on average or if conversion or click-through rates have fallen, segment the list. Send an email to recipients who have not responded recently, asking them if they would like to opt out. Or, send them a persuasive email to win back their business.

Think carefully about the subject lines for marketing emails. Consumers are looking for words that speak to them and their situations. Avoid using marketing lingo and keep subject lines conversational. Let the subject line tell recipients why they should open the email. Address the reader directly and experiment with several subject lines to see which provide the most impressive open and click-through rates.

Compel recipients to take action by repeatedly stating the limited duration of the offer. Start with the subject line, including words like “this week only,” “now,” or “two-day deals.” Be careful with the word “free” because SPAM filters can flag this, relegating the email to oblivion. Include urgency words in the body of the email and in any images it contains. Encourage readers to take the next step by asking questions in emails. This is particularly effective with post-purchase emails requesting shopper feedback.

From their subject lines to their signatures, marketing emails should exude confidence. Calls to action should express that the company offers the best beauty products. Word messages to reinforce the company and product brands. Enhance messages with call to action buttons, selecting visually appealing designs and positioning the item high in the page in a centered position.

Marketing beauty products via email without making a blatant sales pitch is an art. Entrepreneurs who are not experienced in this area should contact Illumination Consulting for help. Our experts will target email content to specific audiences and combine words with images in an appealing layout to make relevant and timely email offers that consumers cannot resist.

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