Marketing Beauty Products For Men

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male groomingA September 2010 article in The New York Times referred to men’s cosmetics as a “bull market,” noting that in 2009, Americans spent $4.8 billion on male grooming products, according to market data firm Euromonitor International. Skin care was one of the fastest growing male segments in this category, increasing more than fivefold from 1997 to 2009 to reach $217 million. Most male cosmetics are sold online, making it necessary for skin care companies to gain experience with marketing beauty products over the Internet.

In June 2012, the Los Angeles Times published an article that revealed how retailers are attracting men to their skin care products. Most men are hesitant to purchase skin care products that appear feminine so retailers must find ways around this obstacle. Aside from coming up with masculine names for these items, they are packaging them in creative ways including containers that look like liquor bottles and cigar boxes.

When advertising online, words and colors determine the success of any male beauty product. The word “makeup” is never used and the colors gold and pink, which are featured in female cosmetics, are eliminated from websites and product images. Retailers who follow these rules are finding success with anti wrinkle lotions, eye creams, concealer, and even face powder for men.

As more men go mainstream with grooming habits, they find themselves shopping for beauty products. According to some studies, men now purchase up to half of male grooming and other consumer products, no longer relying on women to do it. Male beauty product marketers must now cater to male shoppers. In retail stores, this may require establishing separate shopping spaces and online it means having separate Web pages devoted to these items.

In a beauty products man cave, male shoppers feel comfortable. They also like to see labels indicating that the products are designed for men. Skin care formulas must be lighter and absorb into skin faster because men have oilier skin than women do. Male beauty products also tend to feature lower price points, which has the added benefit of attracting female shoppers.

Male grooming is currently one of the fastest growing segments within the beauty industry. A study conducted by the research firm NPD Group revealed that one in four men uses some type of facial skin care product. Male shoppers are notoriously more loyal to brands, causing retailers to fight for their business. By effectively positioning and marketing beauty products for men, they can grab substantial market share.

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