Is Your Skin Care Marketing Targeting Wellness?

Is Your Skin Care Marketing Targeting Wellness?
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Pick up any woman’s magazine and you are bound to find dozens of ads for products that promise to make them look younger and more beautiful. With so many established skin care companies already dominating this particular angle, how can a new skin care company compete? Exactly where should the company direct its skin care marketing efforts?

One new trend we are seeing from consumers in this niche is that they are not only interested in looking younger and more beautiful, but they are also interested in the wellness benefits of the product. If your company is using natural ingredients, this is something that needs to be promoted within the advertising campaign.

Marketing targeting wellness is what consumers are noticing due to the fact they are demanding healthier products from their beauty brands.

Healthier Skin Care Products

It is no secret that many of the products on the market use a variety of manmade ingredients and chemicals to produce the desired results. However, today’s consumers are much savvier and realize that while these chemicals may have wonderful short-term results, the long-term effects of using these products can be detrimental to their overall health and well-being.

Nature offers many ingredients to help beautify and these ingredients were being used long before any major skin care company came to be. Using these ingredients not only makes the products healthier, it also promotes a “green” image for the company, a niche that is currently exploding. Larger companies may have considered funds invested and tied into their current formulas but a new company can incorporate this into its initial skin care lines right from the start.

Skin Care Science

Of course, there is still science involved, but just in a different way. Instead of creating compounds, the scientists are combining different natural ingredients to see how they work together. They use extracts and encapsulate the ingredients to make the more concentrated and effective. But, they are still natural-based ingredients instead of pure chemicals.

The modern woman will be drawn to products such as this because the products target all of her major concerns: beauty, health, wellness, and protecting the environment. As a new skin care company, you have the advantage of having this image associated with your brand right from the outset. This is much different from the big company that changes merely because of public pressure. It shows that the company is and always has been interested not only in beauty, but also in protecting its customers by using the best and healthiest ingredients available.

*Photo Courtesy of Hermine Kurz via Creative Commons License

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