Meaning Of Color In Logo Design

Meaning Of Color In Logo Design
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It is critical to understand the psychology of colors in branding. In business, branding such as a logo speaks a thousand words. Many successful brands have powerful and memorable logo designs. To shed some light upon logos, here is the meaning of color in logo design.

The meaning conveyed in logo design via colors is complex. The human mind is highly responsive to colors, visual stimulation, and how we interpret meanings from it. The use of colors brings many meanings to the viewer. Some are much more sub-conscious and primitive, while other meanings are more associated through learning, culture, and certain assumptions.

Every color used, including black and white have a role to play in logo design. Designers and clients (brands) pick colors carefully to communicate with their audience and customers. Here are some colors and what they tend to mean in logo design.

Meaning Of Color In Logo Design


This is one of the most common colors used in logo designs. Often in corporate logos and general business type of companies. Blue implies a level of professionalism, seriousness, calmness, trust, and integrity. Blue also is associated with success, authority, and finances.


This color is often used when a brand wants to communicate freshness, growth, and their more natural emphasis. Often, it is used in food products and more organic and natural items.


The color purple represents luxury. Royalty has used it for many years. It is a color associated with wisdom, wealth, and dignity. It is also a color that has a meaning of creativity.


Yellow is a color that brands need to use with great care. Often, this color signifies caution as in warning signals. It has some negative connotations. However, the color yellow is warm, friendly, and it stimulates our senses such as appetite.


Orange is a color of modern thought, inventions, cutting edge and so on. It carries the connotation of youth, fun, and energy. It is a color that represents excitement, fire, and warmth.


The color red implies warmth and heat. It also has the meaning of energy, passion, and danger. It is a dynamic color for branding, which also has been known to stimulate the appetite. Many restaurants use red in their name and logo for this reason.

Color In Logo Design

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