Not All Websites Are The Same For Companies

Not All Websites Are The Same For Companies
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What does this exactly mean, not all websites are the same? Well, it means exactly what is says. Websites these days tend to look the same, but they are not. Design is just one aspect of a website. Responsive design has become a critical element of modern day website design.

Flat design tends to be the most popular design style today. This is mainly due to the fast rise of mobile use. The minimalist look and flat design assist brands with having proper display and visibility on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. This further contributes to websites looking alike.

The look maybe similar with websites, but sites still a vastly different from each other. Many companies and brands do not fully understand the differences of website applications, technology, and architecture. When looking to find a new agency to design and develop a website, companies should do their due diligence. Not all website design firms have the proper skills and knowledge to produce results oriented websites for specific industries.

To produce results oriented websites, the following areas of a website should be carefully reviewed and decided upon. Keep in mind not all websites are the same.

Leased Websites Vs. Open Source

One of the main decisions to be made is the Content Management System (CMS) that would act as the main platform for the website. With e-commerce websites this becomes even more important of a decision. Leased websites tend to have a lower upfront cost, but a higher monthly fee. There are pros and cons with them. Open source based websites tend to have a higher upfront cost, but a much lower monthly fees. There are pros and cons with open source as well.

Customization & Implementation

Customizing a website application takes knowledge and skill. Not all professionals that develop websites have the same skill level. How a website is customized and how certain applications are implemented is drastically important to the performance of the website. These websites can perform better or worse depending on how well the customization is done.

Server Setup & Website Files

Another important aspect that many companies do not understand is that it matters how the server is setup and the website files organized. Fast loading websites are developed better and have better server setups. Speed matters these days with consumers, potential clients, and search engines.

Search & Conversion Optimization

A website must be optimized for search engines and for conversion. A website that is not optimized is much less effective and produces less results. All websites should be optimized for the main keyword phrases and the text available on site pages. A website should be also optimized for conversion, which should include plenty of call to actions and incentives.

There are other areas to review to ensure that a website produces results and performs as intended. For companies that want to make sure their websites are meeting their expectations can always work with professionals and experts. Expert website design and development firms can quickly review existing websites and provide suggestions for improvements.

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