Online Marketing Consulting Advice for Using Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

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using Adwords, online marketing consultantAs of July 22, the final 25 percent of Google AdWords campaigns were upgrade to Enhanced Campaigns. In the words of Google CEO Larry Page, Enhanced Campaigns represents the largest change in the history of AdWords. Google made changes that extend from how its teams operate internally, to how advertisers purchase ads, to what viewers see. As online marketing consulting experts, Illumination Consulting offers some tips to increase success with AdWords Enhanced Campaigns.

Before setting bid adjustments, review relevant historical data. The Google recommended bid adjustment is notoriously incorrect and reviewing past statistics can prevent mobile clicks from taking long-term hits on the online advertising budget. While reviewing historical information, look at the regional data that AdWords has tracked. Identify states that are performing better than others, add those regions by editing location information, and bid these up by approximately five or six percent if the ads are not in very high or low positions.

It takes only a few seconds to run a campaign through the upgrade wizard when establishing a mobile bid adjustment factor. A true upgrade takes advantage of every new function and feature available including new ad formats, call conversion tracking, and bidding tools. Consider the value of mobile calls because in many cases, this is higher than website clicks are.

Businesses that have been using pay-per-click advertising for years should view Enhanced Campaigns as an opportunity for housecleaning. If the coffers are filled with ad groups and deleted campaigns, begin fresh by creating a new AdWords account. Those who are new to running mobile campaigns should include the -100 percent bid modifier in their upgraded campaigns. Advertisers have the opportunity to target specific mobile operating systems and they should choose wisely.

To use mobile, geo, and day parting bid modifiers with Flexible Bid Strategies or Conversion Optimizer, reset bid modifiers to zero. Then, consider how different layers of targeting will interact. Combining device, location, time of day, keywords, and previous visit status in different ways allows advertisers to guess how consumers will behave in different scenarios. Viewing relative conversion rates enables advertisers to select bid multipliers that maximize ad performance.

To get the most value from a Google AdWords campaign an advertiser must provide targeted users with the right experiences based on situation. The online marketing consulting professionals at Illumination Consulting can help advertisers do this. Online advertisers should not rest on their laurels after implementing AdWords Enhanced Campaigns because YouTube video campaigns must be upgraded by August 8.

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